Plumbdog Perth Uniforms…

We are proud of our uniforms, it makes everyone part of the team.

We class our plumbers as indoor plumbers even though they do work outside they are always as clean and presentable as possible. We would never walk muddy footprints throughout your home or workplace!

Safety is paramount too, so our guys are equipped with safety boots, glasses, gloves too.

Did you know…

From the inception, Plumbdog’s mascot Indie (back then a mere cute puppy) pounded the streets with Richard delivering flyers to local residents. She was a major part of growing the business and so it was decided that she would be the main focus of the company logo and the company would be called Plumbdog! Her name is on the dog tag of the company logo and she bears Richard’s license number on her overalls.

So even our mascot Indie wears her Plumbdog uniform with pride!