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If you need a plumber in Subiaco with a good understanding of the plumbing issues unique to your area, and who is able to fix your plumbing problems fast, just whistle for Plumbdog. We provide emergency plumbing & gas service 7 days a week to all City of Subiaco suburbs, including Crawley, Daglish, Jolimont, Subiaco and Shenton Park, and our fully qualified, local tradespersons are well versed in all types of plumbing repairs and maintenance in the area.

Our plumbers & gas fitters offer guaranteed arrival time with their service vehicles fully stocked, so most of your plumbing problems get fixed on time and in a single visit. Whether you require assistance with:

  • Same day hot water system replacement & repairs
  • Gas leaks & appliance breakdowns
  • Blocked toilets, drains & waste pipes
  • Leaking toilets & dripping taps
  • General plumbing repairs

Plumbdog can provide the fast, high quality repairs and service that has made us the plumbers Subiaco residents can trust.

Genuine Subiaco emergency plumbers

At Plumbdog, we guarantee to always arrive on time to all locations within the City of Subiaco. And, we only charge standard rates during standard hours – even for emergencies.

See our standard and after hours service rates. We carry Cash, Credit Card & Eftpos facilities in all our service vehicles for easy, on-the-spot payment.

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Recent Subiaco success stories

Three toilets unblocked

We have a lot of customers in Subiaco, where sewer pipe problems are common at the many older heritage properties in the area, due to the many old and significant trees with root systems that grow into the pipes in search of water and nutrients.

A recent client in Shenton Park was experiencing serious backflow at her renovated 1930s-era home – so serious that all three toilets were overflowing! To make matters worse, it was a Saturday evening and dinner party guests were already arriving.

Our local Subiaco emergency plumber arrived within the hour and cleared the blockage in less than 30 minutes with a drain machine, identifying the cause as tree roots which had grown into the home’s older clay pipes, probably from the large Jacaranda out front. The relieved customer was spared embarrassment, and immediately booked us in for another visit to dig up the old clay sewer pipe and replace it with PVC.

Dodgy tap repair fixed

Another recent Subiaco client ran a restaurant which had had a dripping tap in the kitchen. A staff member tried fixing it himself, thinking it was simply a matter of taking the tap apart and replacing the old washer. Unfortunately this had only made the problem worse – the drip was now a steady gush! It was also a Thursday night, when many patrons were out shopping and dining.

We advised the restaurant owner by phone on how he could temporarily plug the leak, and on arrival, our Subiaco emergency plumber was able to repair the leak on the spot, having brought all the required replacement parts based on the owner’s description of the tap. Very happy to be able to get back to business with minimum disruption, he said that in future he’d always leave the plumbing to the experts!