Bosch Hot Water Systems

Bosch is a well-known brand of hot water systems, having been around for over 100 years and made a solid foundation in Australia. Bosch gas and electric units can be found in many a home or business throughout Perth and the rest of the country.

Plumbdog have been recommending and servicing Bosch hot water systems for nearly as long as we have been in operation and our leading team of water heating experts have solid knowledge and understanding of the systems and are able to provide you with the best solution for your home.

Some of the benefits of Bosch are:

  • Excellent brand, well known for quality
  • Spare parts and replacement units are available and easy to come by
  • A range of options for your property, including electric and gas units, storage and continuous flow
  • Backed up by expertly trained technicians and installers like Plumbdog


These are just a few reasons for you to invest in a Bosch water heater, and with Plumbdog we are able to remove your existing unit and replace it with your new Bosch system. You can always count on us:

  • To be available when you need us
  • To have vast knowledge of the products we recommend
  • To explain clearly the difference between the models and what heating system they use
  • To be able to remove your existing water heater and replace it with your new Bosch
  • To always act professional
  • To clean up after the job is done

For all of these reasons, the next time you are looking at a new or upgraded hot water system from Bosch, call Plumbdog on 1300 036 626 or make an enquiry online today.