Case Study

We’ve all experienced poor service before. Whether it’s a careless accountant or a dishonest mechanic, cutting corners to save on cost always results in one outcome – an unhappy customer. For plumbers, arriving on a new site to start a fault-finding process can be complex and tiresome – yet the effort is worth it to ensure our clients aren’t unnecessarily paying too much.We saw a near miss just the other day when our leading hand Allen Barnsley attended a quote to install a new water heater after a tenant complained of low hot water delivery. Allen noticed immediately that the existing water heater was quite new in appearance and should be adequate for the home (further investigation confirmed the water heater was only four years old).

Another plumber soon arrived to the property to quote the same job, went straight to the front of the house, looked at the gas meter, poked his head over the fence to see the existing water heater, then left the property to sit in his vehicle outside and quote for the replacement.

Sensing something was amiss, Allen conducted a fault-finding procedure that revealed that the hot water system was actually not at fault, with further investigation confirming the cause of the complaint was in fact burst hot water delivery piping.

It is easy to see that had it not been for Allen’s initiative and customer-centric approach, the client would have unnecessarily committed to installing a new water heater at upwards of a $1200 price tag – yet the burst pipe would have remained, meaning the tenant would still be shivering in a cold shower!

I’ve always felt that Plumbdog takes extra initiative to ensure every job is completed properly, and this scenario only further strengthens my commitment to doing the right thing by our customers.


(Business Development Manager)