Leaking Water Pipes

Pipes leaking water can not only cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in water and utility bills, but they can also cause flooding of the subterranean surface – namely your homes foundation!

Having a flooded foundation (or any other part of your property) can cost you a lot of money, especially if left undetected. Wet timber and walls can lead to termite infestations and ultimately could cost you your home!

Don’t take a chance if you even suspect, and even if it’s just a little bit, that you may have a leaking water pipe, get on the phone to the dog immediately – Plumbdog.

Plumbdog Leak Detection can find the leak and offer you the best solution in repairing the pipe or permanently stopping that particular leak.
Here are a few simple things to consider when trying to determine if you have a pipe that is leaking water in your property:

1.    Has your water bill spiked recently?

Depending where you are, you may receive monthly or bi-monthly water bills. Check them for spikes and I don’t mean a few dollars, I mean 10 or 20 or more percent increases compared to the previous period. Also its best to check in the same season if possible. The good news here is many water suppliers will, if a leak has been discovered, give you small credit on your bill.

2.    Does your garden stay wet longer?

This may not seem that easy to see at first, but after you water the garden or after it rains do you think or feel that it stays wet? Do you see small patches of water that remain for several days? This could be a subtle indicator that there is a leaking water pipe under the ground. Again, once a leak has been confirmed, your water supplier may give you a credit.

3.    Wet patches in your home?

This is the worst way to find you have a leaking water pipe. If you see mould, bubbling paint or other signs of wetness you need to give us a call immediately on 1300 069 889 so that we can get to your place to find and stop the leak before it causes any more damage.

If you have found any of these problems it is best to call the professionals at Plumbdog so that we can ascertain the full extent of the leaking water pipes in your home. Then we can provide you the best solution for your particular situation. You can call us or fill in an enquiry form online.