Pipe Repair

Plumbdog Plumbing use the latest technology to repair pipes…

Pipes in a home or office building can and do break from years of wear and tear or other events such as heavy rain storms or earth trimmers. From time to time even tree roots can play havoc with underground water and sewerage. When any of this occurs and more many other reasons you will have to reply on experts in pipe repair.

At Plumbdog Leak Detection, we are the experts in pipe repair and specialise in inspecting and repairing pipes in:

•    Old houses
•    Small and large apartment buildings
•    Office blocks
•    Shopping malls and centres
•    Hotels and BnB’s
•    Doctors and medical suites
•    And lots lots more…

In short we are the guys and gals that Perth turn to when they need their pipes repaired. We can handle the job big or small, new property or old – in fact many new home buyers consult us to inspect the pipes of their new home before the sign on the dotted line, giving them peace and mind and avoiding pipe repairs down the road.

Even in the best cases and simple cracked pipe can be costing your $1000’s of dollars a year in lost water where as a proper pipe repair can solve your problem and cost a fraction of what you could be losing.

So never stress and don’t worry about your pipes, simply call the dog, Plumbdog!

Contact us on 1300 069 889 or make a booking online today and we will get back to you asap to confirm the details.