Hot Water Plumber – Building and Rennovations

Plumbdog are your Local Hot Water Plumbers in Perth…

Are you building or renovating a new property? We can help! Even if you aren’t we are the leading hot water plumbers in Perth and operate right through from Joondalup to Rockingham. At Plumbdog you can rely us on for any hot water plumbing or repair needs and we are available for emergencies!

Whether you are building your dream home or renovating an apartment, we can help on all your plumbing needs especially in the area of electric and gas hot water systems. We can recommend the best brands and whether gas or electric units will be better for your individual needs and the size of the property itself.

At Plumbdog Hot Water Repairs, we pride ourselves on knowing exactly what the latest trends are in the plumbing industry and we always keep ourselves up to date with the most affordable and cutting edge hot water solutions for residential and commercial properties.

In our years as one of Perth’s leading hot water specialists we have worked on:

  • Small and large homes, from single story suburban houses to multilevel mansions
  • Apartments from a single unit to an entire block
  • Hotels and motels
  • Shopping centres and recreational grounds
  • Office buildings and garages
  • Gyms and Health care practices
  • And nearly everything else you can imagine.

For all your hot water plumbing needs every day of the year, call the dog, Plumbdog! You can reach us on 1300 030 014 or even send us an enquiry or booking online.