Gas room heaters installed by Perth’s most reliable gas plumbers

A gas heater is usually the cleanest and most cost-effective way to keep your home or office warm during winter. Plumbdog’s licensed gas fitters are experienced in the installation and maintenance of a range of domestic and commercial gas heaters and systems by most leading brands, including Rinnai, Bonaire, Vulcan, Pyrox and more.

As genuine gas fitters and gas plumbers, we are available across the whole Perth metro to attend to all your gas heater installation and servicing needs. Whistle and we will come!

Prompt professional gas room heater installation and service

Before installing your new gas space heater, Plumbdog’s fully qualified gas fitters will take precise measurements of your installation area so that we can recommend the most appropriate type and model of heater.

We have installed many home and office gas room heaters in Perth, and know from experience which brands offer the best build quality and efficiency. Contact us today for a free quote. We recommend all gas room heaters be serviced every 2 years.

All of our gas fitters are licensed to operate in WA and perform all jobs to the highest standards of safety. We also offer genuine quick-response emergency gas repairs and plumbing. See our service guarantee.

See more information about our standard rates. We carry Cash, Credit Card & Eftpos facilities in all our service vehicles for easy billing.

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Types of gas room heater available

There are two main types of gas room heater: flued and unflued. Flued heaters are designed to be installed in one location and have a vent for safe removal of excess unburnt gas.

Portable, unflued plug-in gas heaters have the benefit of being easy to move around when required. They are generally not as safe as fixed flued heaters and have been banned in most states. For this reason, flued appliances are becoming more popular in WA.

Unflued heaters require that the room being heated have both high and low ventilation for adequate oxygen circulation and gas ventilation. Please note that in WA they cannot be installed in bedrooms or other small rooms such as bathrooms, toilets, and hallways.

We also install and service gas bayonets, which can be the ideal portable heating solution for kitchens, home offices, and outdoor patios and entertainment areas.

Contact Plumbdog for expert gas room heater installation

Don’t be left in the cold during the winter months. An energy-efficient, correctly installed gas room heater can provide many years of warmth and reliable operation and is easy on the environment.

We provide guaranteed on-time arrival across the Perth metro and keep our service vans fully stocked, to ensure your gas heater is installed efficiently and with absolutely no fuss. For a free quote, just give us a whistle!

Gas room heater safety tips

A gas heater can provide many years of safe operation when used and maintained correctly. Some tips for ensuring high efficiency and long service life:

  • Keep the room well ventilated – never seal doors, vents or windows.
  • Keep children, pets and elderly people away from hot surfaces and gas flames.
  • Never use or store solvents, pressure pack cans or aerosols near a gas room heater.
  • Never dispose of objects such as tissues or cotton buds in a gas fire, as they can produce dangerous pollutants and affect combustion.

A faulty gas heater can release dangerous carbon monoxide. If you are experiencing symptoms such as tiredness, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, dizziness or chest pain, go outside or to a well-ventilated area and dial emergency services immediately, then call for Plumbdog.