Ever noticed your gutters overflowing during a downpour?
Blocked gutters are generally caused by the accumulation of moss, leaves and other guck.
And when your gutters are blocked, bad things happen!

Clearing gutters regularly can help stop this overflow and avoid damage to your roof and house. Proper functioning gutters and downpipes can potentially save you thousands of dollars down the track by preventing brickwork damage, fire hazards, ceiling leaks and internal water damage.

Should I do it myself?

Clearing your gutters is a time-consuming and messy job that many homeowners continually put off. While it is not beyond the capabilities of the average, able-bodied person, there are issues to consider, such as safety – working on the roof of your house can be tricky without putting yourself in danger or damaging the roof itself.

Here boy!

Luckily, Plumbdog plumbers are fully trained to complete your gutter cleaning and downpipe unblocking work safely, efficiently and mess-free at some of the most competitive plumber prices in Perth!

Plumbdog do:

  • Gutter cleaning
  • Flushing of blocked downpipes
  • Gutter & downpipe repairs
  • Integrity assessment

Our customers are as loyal as they come, and it’s easy to see why; Plumbdog provides a quality gutter cleaning service and flushing of all blocked downpipes, leading to optimum water flow. For more information about how Plumbdog will efficiently assist you with your blocked gutters, click hereWe also provide an emergency service, so you know that when your gutters need unblocking now, we’ll be by your side in an instant. Just give us a whistle!

What’s more, we at Plumbdog know the importance of prevention – that’s why we put a huge emphasis on assessing gutter integrity to predict future problems. That way, with regular maintenance and cleaning, your gutter system will be ready for whatever winter can throw at it – year after year.

When to check your gutters

If you can’t remember the last time you cleared your gutters, you’re not alone – many people let this job slide every year. Once it mounts up, however, it may be too late to reverse the damage to your gutters and downpipe system.

Be sure to have your gutters checked in autumn (after deciduous trees have shed their leaves) to prepare your gutters for winter rain ahead. After the rain season, you should take the opportunity for another inspection, while it’s easier to sniff out any problems in the bright spring/summer light.

5 reasons to whistle for Plumbdog to clean your gutters

  • Pedigree workers that are fully qualified and trained to perform the job safely, efficiently and to the best standard
  • Our roaming yard is the entire Perth metro area, from Joondalup to Rockingham
  • Vans are fully-stocked with everything we need to sniff out your problem and unblock your gutters and downpipes
  • Guaranteed to come to you when you call (within 2 hours of the agreed time – no excuses!)
  • We jump through hoops to provide competitive plumbing prices, with no hidden fees and easy billing

How to temporarily clean your gutters

If the storm clouds are looking dark and ominous in the distance and there’s no time to call your local Plumbdog expert, you may be able to temporarily clear your gutters yourself.

However – please be aware of the risks involved. Wear the appropriate clothing and footwear, set the ladder on a firm, level surface and lean it against something solid.

Scoop out any leaves, moss or other debris into a bucket using a gardening trowel or similar. To unblock your down-pipe, poke stiff wire down the pipe until the offending guck falls out of the pipe.