At Plumbdog we have all the gear and every idea!

Need a plumber? We’ll get your tail wagging again. Plumbing by pedigree plumbers from only $125 across the Greater Perth Region.



Got a leak? We’ll sniff it out with our state-of-the-art electronic leak detection equipment. We use high-pressure water jetters to clean the pipe and remove any blockages and purpose-designed CCTV drain cameras to assess the damage and locate the source of the leak. Plus, our service vans are chock full of parts to make repairing the damage quick and easy – in most cases, we won’t have to order new parts. 

With Plumbdog, you have tidiness, speed and workmanship guaranteed for complete reliability. Our Plumdogs are fully office and house-trained and we’re dedicated to solving any plumbing problem by diagnosing the root cause of the issue (which may well be roots!) to find the fix that will go the distance. 

The first signs of a leaking pipe can be a higher than usual water bill, damp walls, foul odours, unexplained wet patches or an unexplained dripping or running water sound. If you’re experiencing any of these, call in your local Plumbdog! We’ll use our electronic leak detection equipment to sniff out the root cause. When we pinpoint the source of the leak, we’ll set about repairing or replacing the faulty pipework and fittings.

Depending on the scale and location of your leak, the cost of your leak repair can vary. Repairing a leak can be achieved with something as simple as a new washer, whereas more serious leaks like an underground pipe may require excavation or a trenchless pipe repair to rectify the issue. However, one thing is for sure – ignoring the issue WILL cost you more over time. The best place to start is an on-site consultation with one of our experienced, qualified and licensed plumbers – we can give you a quote and go from there. 

If you have a plumbing problem, we can help – and that includes leak detection for commercial premises. We understand you need to keep your business running smoothly, so we can arrange a time that is convenient to you and will aim to cause as little disruption as possible to your team.

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