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Plumber Perth

A Plumbdog is truly your best friend!

Plumbdogs are your genuine plumbers in Perth. We are ready for any job at the blow of a whistle, from water to gas services. 

Serving Perth for over 14 years, we’re proud to be your local plumbers. Give us a whistle today!  

Plumber Perth

Rapid response,
Rapid diagnosis

Plumber Perth

Right plumber
for the job

Plumber Perth

Satisfaction and
work Guarantee

Unleash the Flow: Plumber Perth - Fetching Solutions for Your Plumbing Needs

We’ll chase after any leak, blocked drain, hot water system repair, gas plumbing problem, or hard-to-solve plumbing issue you throw our way in Perth. Our Perth Plumbers service territory spans North and South of the river, sniffing out any residential or commercial plumbing problem we meet.

We’re a friendly pack of Plumbers in Perth. Our tidiness, speed, and artistry guarantee that we will back every job we sink our teeth into. Rest assured, you’ll always get reliable and transparent service every time.

We have been loyal plumbers in Perth for over thirteen years. We have seen it all, no matter the case, from leak detection to blocked drains or hot water systems. We can help you ensure your property is safe from any long-term damage caused by inefficient plumbing. 

If you need a Perth Plumber, give us a whistle today!


Plumber Perth

We're skillful

Our Perth Plumbers will spend time diagnosing your plumbing problem before we pick up the tools. And every job is signed off with a paw-on-heart workmanship guarantee.

Plumber Perth

We’re problem-solving

Come to our plumber Perth with a issue, and we’ll find an efficient, specialist solution that fixes it - you won’t be left chasing your tail looking for answers.

Plumber Perth

We’re friendly

Like man’s best friend, we’re a friendly Perth plumbers. You’ll sense our commitment to customer service and complete job transparency from the first consultation.

Plumber Perth

We’re dependable

We’re best in the show with tidiness, speed and workmanship guarantees - so you’ll have full transparency and reliability from our Perth plumbers on every plumbing job.

Plumber Perth
Plumber Perth


Plumbers Perth
Your Local Plumbing Companion

Welcome to Plumbdog Plumbing, Perth’s favourite pack of plumbers. Since our inception, we have carried out thousands of plumbing jobs for residential and commercial customers across Perth and left them howling in delight at our work’s quality, speed and efficiency.

If you are based in the Greater Perth area and have a plumbing or electrical issue in your home or business premises, give our Plumbers Perth a whistle, and we’ll come!

Plumbing Services

As a fully featured Perth plumbing company, we offer all the services you need for any plumbing issue in your home or business. Our primary functions include but are not limited to:

Blocked Drain Clearance & Repair in Perth

Nothing our Perth Plumbers like more than getting their teeth into blocked drain repairs in Perth. Using a combination of skill, experience and the latest equipment, our Perth Plumbers can diagnose any plumbing issue and rectify it quickly. If your DIY attempts with a plunger and boiling water didn’t work, give us a call (or whistle), and we’ll arrive at your premises quickly. Blocked drains in Perth rarely unblock themselves, and in many cases, the problem can get worse the longer you leave it. From blocked shower drains to sinks and stormwater drains, every job is just enough for Plumbdog Plumbing. 

Leak Detection in Perth

Discovering a leak in your home or business is not just a minor inconvenience; it can cost you increased water bills and affect the property’s structural integrity, so time is of the essence. As you’d expect from the leaders of the plumbing pack, our expertise, equipment and experience in leak detection and repairs are second to none, and this is why our loyal customers call our plumbers in Perth every time they suspect they need water leak repairs at their property or business premises. Regardless of whether you can physically see a leak or notice an unexplained increase in your water bills, call us first and let our hounds sniff the problem out for you.

Hot Water Repairs, Servicing and Maintenance

Regarding hot water systems in Perth homes and businesses, Plumbdog Plumbing is the best in class. From supplying and installing new hot water systems to repairs, servicing and maintenance, we are well-versed with virtually every type of hot water system, from gas to electrical to solar hot water maintenance, repair and servicing; our plumbers in Perth have you sorted. If any new hot water systems come onto the market, you can be sure that we’ll learn all there is to know about them in record time; you can always teach our dogs new tricks!

General Plumbing Services in Perth

Although our top dogs specialise in several plumbing areas, we are also great general plumbers. So, you know who to call if you need general Perth plumbing services, from a leaky washing machine to a dripping tap. If you’re not sure what your plumbing issue is, we can send one of our general plumbers to the scene.

Emergency Plumber Perth, WA

If you need an emergency plumber in Perth, our obedient hound team is ready and waiting. We take plumbing situations as seriously as you do, and we’ll unleash our plumbers in Perth as soon as possible to rectify your issue. Don’t make the mistake of delaying your call; Plumbdog plumbing situations get much worse if they are not attended to almost immediately. 

How We Work: Your Trusted Plumber Perth Delivers Expert Solutions

Here at Plumbdog Plumbing, we have a process that our customers appreciate and applies to all our work.

As soon as we receive your call or message, we arrange an onsite visit from your local Plumbdog Plumber Perth to assess the work that needs doing and provide you with a fully transparent estimate that covers everything so that there are no hidden charges when you engage our services! If you are happy with the forecast, we will ask you to sign it off and commence work immediately.

Please contact us if you have any plumbing issues or would like to arrange a home or business visit from one of our experienced, qualified, and insured Perth plumbers. If you have an emergency that needs attention, don’t paw for thought; give us a whistle now!

Frequently Asked Questions

The way we work at Plumbdog is a little different to others. We don’t bury call out fees, service fees or booking fees in our pricing estimates. We simply charge you the price of the job.

When you call us to book your technician, your customer service representative will schedule you an appointment with one of our technicians in a 4 hour time window at a mutually agreed upon time.

Our plumber will message you or call you when he’s on his way to your property so you’re not peering out the window like a lost puppy.

When he arrives on site he will have a chat with you about your plumbing issues and then return to his van to put an estimate together for the work you require.

He will present the estimate to you and if you are happy to proceed, your plumber will have you sign the estimate and he can usually get started on your job straight away.

When we schedule your local Plumbdog to attend your property, we schedule a 4 hour arrival window so you know when you can expect us.  Our obedient Plumbdog’s have been well trained to arrive on time and our customer service team keep a close eye on how our team is tracking. Our Plumbdog’s will send you a text message when they’re on their way to your property so you don’t have to sit by the window, peering out like a lost puppy.

Our customers rave about our punctuality, professionalism and responsiveness.

At Plumbdog, we’re a team of pedigree plumbers and we’re a proud pack. We use the latest technology and combined with our many years of experience getting our paws dirty, we’re the best in breed for any plumbing job in the Greater Perth Region. Unlike the other mongrels out there that will have you back again in no time, we provide true maintenance plumbing and long-term solutions for our clients.

From general plumbing and gas services to our specialties; hot water issues, leak detection and blocked drains, we arrive in fully stocked vehicles to attend to your plumbing issues quickly and efficiently.

We believe that our clients’ time is precious and not ours to waste and we strive to convert every customer we meet, into a customer for life who refers their family and friends to us.

We believe that the little things make a big difference and our attention to detail is the difference between a job done and a job well done!

Give us a whistle today to experience the Plumbdog way! We can’t wait to meet you.

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