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We'll get your tail wagging again!

We’ll chase after any leak, blocked drain, hot water system repair, gas plumbing problem or hard-to-solve plumbing issue you throw our way. Our plumbing pack’s territories span north and south of the river, sniffing out any residential or commercial plumbing problem we meet. 

We’re a friendly pack of plumbers with tidiness, speed and workmanship guarantees backing every job we sink our teeth into. You can rest assured you’ll get a reliable and transparent service, every time.

We're skillful

The Plumbdog pack will spend time diagnosing your plumbing problem before we pick up the tools. And, every job is signed off with a paw on heart workmanship guarantee.

We’re problem-solving

Come to us with a plumbing issue and we’ll find an efficient, specialist solution that fixes it - you won’t be left chasing your tail looking for answers.

We’re friendly

Like man’s best friend, we’re a friendly pack. You’ll sense our commitment to customer service and complete job transparency from the very first consultation.

We’re dependable

We’re best in show with tidiness, speed and workmanship guarantees - so you’ll have full transparency and reliability on every plumbing job.

Good Boy Plumbdog!