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NEED A PLUMBER? WE sniff out and fix leaks!

Water Leak Detection Perth

Don't Let Water Leaks Drive You Barking Mad

Water Leak Detection, Perth, WA

Contaminated water? No water pressure? Bad smells? Soft patches and depressions in the ground? Unstable paving? High water bills? Water gushing? No hot water? Damp spots?

Plumbdog Plumbing sniffs out water leaks to get your tail wagging again. 

Water leaks can quickly grow from a tiny pup to a massive barking problem. No matter the origin, they can harm your house structure, lead to high water bills, cause mould problems, and burst pipes. If left untreated, they can cause long-term damage.

Don’t let water leaks disturb your home or business. If you suspect a water leak on your property due to leaking pipes, call us immediately. Our leak detection plumbers are ready to sniff out any water damage caused by leaks. We make it easy to get your tail wagging again.

We service residential and commercial showers, bathrooms, pools, spas and more. No matter the problem, our leak detection plumbers have years of experience under their collars.

If you suspect you have an emergency, call our emergency plumbers.

Based in Perth, Plumbdogs leak-detection plumbing services are ready to respond at the blow of a whistle. Book online today or give us a call. 

Our Water Leak Detection Services

Not sure what service you need? Don’t be in the doghouse! Give our leak detection specialists a bark. We’re pawsitively happy to help.

Don’t let water leaks hound your home and cause damage to your property. Our plumber’s leak detection experts will find the leak and fix it.

Maintain the integrity of your home and business with our Perth leak detectors. Ensure paw-some water usage efficiency; we’ll fetch your leak today.

Water leak detection can be ruff, especially in showers and bathrooms. Don’t sit on your tail or paws for a moment; call our Perth leak search experts today.

Pools and spas can be paw-rticularly vulnerable to water leaks. Don’t dive into trouble. Call our leak-sniffing plumbers for expert detection before it’s too late.

Water Leak Detection and Repair Solutions

At Plumbdog Plumbing, we don’t beat around the bush. We use the best specialist water leak detection equipment to ensure we find your water leak. This goes hand in hand with our fully licensed plumbers.

Using our equipment, our Plumbdogs can pinpoint the source of the leak. Our team will then repair or replace any damaged leaking drains in Perth.

When our expert Plumbdog detector arrives at your home or commercial premises, we immediately spring into action.

Our Plumbdogs will pinpoint the leak and explain the issue. We offer competitive quotes and have the resources to fix the problem.

This saves you time from having to hire multiple expensive contractors. Plumbdog Plumbing is your one-stop shop.

Our Perth water leak detection team are transparent. We will recommend a permanent solution rather than a temporary fix that could cause the same problem to return.

Experience our 100% transparent pricing, allowing you to see exactly what needs to be done. Our plumbing leak detection top dogs will gladly explain if you have any questions.

You can also rest assured that our Plumbdogs are fully house-trained. We will clean up any mess and leave the area in the same condition as left.

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We Stop the Drip and Fix the Rip

How We Sniff Out Water Leaks

At Plumbdog Plumbing, we don’t beat around the bush. We use the latest leak detection equipment to find your water leak. Paired with our fully licensed and experienced plumbers, we will find your water leak.

Acoustic Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection Perth

Thermal Imaging

Water Leak Detection Perth

Pressure Testing

Water Leak Detection Perth

Moisture Meter

Water Leak Detection Perth

Acoustic Leak  Detection

Thermal Imaging

Pressure Testing

Moisture Meter

What our customers say

Leak Detection Near Me

Look no further if you’re looking for expert Perth leak detection services near you. Our leak search Perth team is ready to go at the touch of a whistle.

If your water meter is running wild, we highly recommend you call a leak detection plumber.

We service all of Perth down from Mandurah up to Joondalup. Check out our service locations below.

We service all of Perth down from Mandurah up to Joondalup. Check out our service locations below.

Leak Detection Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on where the leak is coming from, you might notice several things that indicate a possible leak. Damp walls, foul odours, and wet or unexplained damp floors are easy to spot. If you receive high water bills, a leak underground could cost you serious money. At the first sign of a leak, ring our pipe leak detection plumber.

This largely depends on where the leak is. A simple washer can repair a leak quickly, but more severe leaks in hard-to-reach areas may take more time and effort.

An underground leak may require excavation or trench pipe repair to fix the issue. The best way to get a quote for repairing leaks is to give a qualified leak detection plumber a ring.

Of course. We’re the experts when it comes to maintenance plumbing. Although we deal mainly with leaks in residential properties, we also help business with any leaks or any other plumbing issues they may have. We realise the importance of maintaining productivity so arrange convenient times in which to visit commercial premises. When possible, we work around your employees and aim to cause as little disruption as possible.

Not every general plumber can find your water leak, depending on experience and equipment. Proper water leak detection requires the latest equipment and qualified plumbers. At Plumbdog, we invest in the newest leak-detection technology to cause minimum disruption to homes and businesses.

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