At Plumbdog we have all the gear and every idea!

Need a plumber? We’ll get your tail wagging again. Plumbing by pedigree plumbers across the Greater Perth Region.



Plumbdog was founded in early July 2010 by pack leader Richard Palmer after he realised that the Perth plumbing industry was a bit ruff! Richard identified a need for reliable plumbers with excellent knowledge and customer service. At the time, most tradies were known for not returning to jobs at the agreed time and place while charging exorbitant prices. Apprentices or tradespeople had been rushed through their apprenticeships during the housing boom, which meant they were expecting unrealistic wages and were grossly under-educated about the industry and their trade!

With Indie by his side (back then, a mere cute puppy), Richard pounded the streets, delivering flyers to residents. As Indie was a significant part of growing the business, it was decided that the company would be called ‘Plumbdog’. She also became the main focus behind the company logo (her name is on the dog tag).

Richard’s ears pricked up at how quickly the work came flooding in! It seemed Perth’s residents were craving a plumber focused on quality and reliability. The ‘feedback’ was a unanimous paw-up; “I can’t believe how reliable you are; you never fail to turn up and always let me know when you’re on your way,” people would say!

It seemed we were doing what others weren’t – advertising that our clients ‘won’t be left peering through the window like a lost puppy’ waiting for us – and delivering!

At Plumbdog, we mastered the game of ‘fetch’ as pups and have never forgotten it, meaning we’ll always answer our clients’ calls.

Here are some other things that separate us from the plumbing mongrels out there:

We pride ourselves on being market leaders in providing the best customer service whilst delivering first-class plumbing and gas-fitting.

We believe we pay some of the best wages in Perth and pride ourselves on having the best support system for our employees. We take HR (human resources) very seriously as we realise that our staff are the backbone of our business (mmm, bone).

We believe that one group of plumbers can transform an industry. Plumbdog LOVES plumbing! Through leading the pack, we are raising the standards of plumbing and gas services across Australia. Our staff training and supervision is second to none.

With Richard’s vision, a highly motivated leadership team and employees as energetic as a kelpie on a Schmackos binge, we will quickly earn the reputation as Perth’s biggest and best in our maintenance & emergency plumbing field. Who knows… Soon, we could even knock on the door of other Australian states by taking Plumbdog across the border!

Moreover, we bare our teeth at plumbers who short-change their clients! At Plumbdog, we believe in supplying the best tradespeople and the most advanced technology available. Our tradespeople are well-rounded, and all turn up on jobs in service vehicles bursting at the seams with stock and advanced equipment such as drain jetters, drain cameras, and water leak detection equipment. We even carry temporary hot water systems in every van if a replacement is required when the suppliers are shut down. We have all the gear and every idea!

When clients call our office, they usually read or hear details about how we do things. When they decide to contact us, they are blown away by our energetic customer service and scheduling officers. They have grown to trust that we will continue this way, from their initial enquiry to the plumber arriving on time and doing great work to receiving our invoice. We offer easy payment options, and all our Plumbdogs carry EFTPOS machines to take payment upon job completion. At this point, our customers can provide feedback directly to management as we continually seek to improve our services. Genuine feedback is a valued resource that helps us help our clients dig us.

Customers can be wary of letting unfamiliar faces into their houses, but it’s hard to resist Plumbdog! We arrive wearing full company uniforms, including clean boots (plus, we promise we haven’t been rolling in anything gross). We always introduce ourselves in a friendly manner to put our customers at ease because we know there is no second chance at a first impression!

In the past, we struggled to find suitable training for our staff because other companies don’t want to invest in the future of their employees. However, Plumbdog is a pioneer, and now, due to our size and initiative, we can provide our excellent staff training; another area we are cocking a leg on the competition! Watch for our up-and-coming Plumbdog Pups trained by our Top dogs. You’ll often find them following a Top Dog senior plumber around, but never like a lost puppy! We move with purpose and intention on every job to ensure high satisfaction for every customer.

We’re fully housetrained at Plumbdog, promising to use dustsheets in all areas that we work, never put our tools on a client’s surface (such as a workbench or even floor), permanently remove rubbish and clean up after ourselves (including spraying and wiping down surfaces).

And the best bit? We require everyone from the Plumbdog kennel to share our belief in how we do things and 100% deliver on it in every instance. We are realistic in that not everyone will share our vision, but they are simply in the wrong job if they don’t believe it!

Ultimately, it all comes down to a belief that the little things make a big difference. Our attention to detail is the difference between a ‘job done’ and a ‘job done well.’

That’s the Plumbdog promise. Whistle, and we will come!

Since 2010, Plumbdog has grown from strength to strength.

Over the years, loyal customers have had so much positive feedbark about the reliability of our services that our territory now spans throughout the Perth region from Joondalup to Rockingham.

Never the type to rest on our hindquarters, we continue to grow, with the attitude that starting with the right diagnosis is the only way to do the job properly. Our customers expect our pack to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for any job – whether it is leak detection, drain cleaning, hot water system repairs and installations or any other hard-to-solve plumbing issue. We like to be prepared, so we pre-empt the unexpected by carrying temporary hot water systems in every van in case a replacement is required when the suppliers are shut.

For the Plumbdog pack, being a plumbing companion is built into our everyday. We support our team with ongoing training and support, the processes to set them up for success and the equipment to solve even the most complex of plumbing problems. They are fully house-trained – always showing up on time in a tidy uniform, cleaning up after the job is done and keeping their service vehicles fully stocked to be ready for any unexpected plumbing emergency.

In the end, it all comes down to a belief that the little things make a big difference. We’re small enough to care about getting the best outcome for your plumbing problem but big enough to sink our teeth into any job – that’s what gets our tails wagging!

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We're skillful

The Plumbdog pack will spend time diagnosing your plumbing problem before we pick up the tools. And, every job is signed off with a paw on heart workmanship guarantee.

About Us

We’re problem-solving

Come to us with a plumbing issue and we’ll find an efficient, specialist solution that fixes it - you won’t be left chasing your tail looking for answers.

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We’re friendly

Like man’s best friend, we’re a friendly pack. You’ll sense our commitment to customer service and complete job transparency from the very first consultation.

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We’re best on show with tidiness, speed and workmanship guarantees - so you’ll have full transparency and reliability on every plumbing job.

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