Planes, Chains and Leak Detection

A burst pipe is often reflected by a sudden increase in your water bill. Contacting a licensed plumber to detect and fix your leak will save time, money and precious water. Be sure to take care of pipes and avoid damaging them when installing so as to reduce the chance of a burst pipe later on. Like & Subscribe

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Back in Black – Changing a Wall Mounted Mixer Tap

Updating your wall mounted taps can be challenging as different manufacturers may use different sized parts. Depending on the new tapware chosen, swapping over a wall mounted tap might be possible without getting out the jackhammer! Darius from Plumbdog has some fun completing the final piece to the puzzle, changing the bathtub mixer tap to match the new matte

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Blocked Kitchen Sink – Going Beyond the Plunger

Understanding where a drain is really blocked will help to know where to clear it from Plunging a blocked pipe is only a temporary fix Contacting a licensed plumber to fix a blockage will save time and money in the long run Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel! Top Dog Richard was recently called out

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