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Having a hot water system that’s not working is like trying to fish on land – there’s no point. Whether your hot water system is gas or electric, Plumbdog can repair it fast with a minimum none of the usual fuss. Our fully qualified team of gas plumbing fitters provides emergency hot water repairs across the greater Perth Metro for both domestic and commercial clients – with a promise to answer every call.

We guarantee to always arrive promptly with service vans stocked to the roof, ensuring that any hot water system repair is implemented in one visit, without an annoying trip to suppliers. If this isn’t possible we’ll hook you up with an emergency hot water system, eliminating the risk of an uncomfortable cold shower. Give us a call on 1300 884 146 and we’ll be there in no time.

Genuine Emergency Hot Water Repairs in the Metro

Is your gas hot water not working? Don’t worry, Plumbdog has your back with an emergency service that’s setting the standard for anytime, on-call plumbing solutions in Western Australia. And it’s not going to cost you a fortune, because what’s a business that’s built on profit alone? We believe in providing a reliable service that has the client’s best interests in mind at all times.

One of our fully qualified hot water plumbers will give you honest, expert advice on how to resolve your hot water problem, both correctly and cost-effectively. See our standard rates and areas that we serve, and remember that we carry cash, Credit Card & EFTPOS facilities in all our service vehicles for easy, on-the-spot payment. Oh, and, we’ll only charge standard rates for jobs performed during standard hours – including emergency work. See how we work during a standard service call and enjoy the view of our service guarantee.

Common Hot Water System Issues

We did some digging and found that one of the major causes of hot water heater failure the result of blocked pilot tubes, where we often find spider webs blocking gas flow. Thermocouples, which ensure the gas is only switched on when needed, must be replaced periodically. Other common issues are blocked line strainers, faulty solenoids and faulty ignition packs.

Another common problem is when a hot water system is leaking, resulting in hazardous environments and downright wastage of the most precious resource on earth – up to 2,000 litres per month in a country that’s already got enough desert. Don’t put your family or employees at risk because of a simple leak that could be fixed in no time by a reliable, professional plumbing company.

Our fully licensed plumbers will assess the overall age and condition of your unit and advise on a hot water servicing plan that will provide maximum efficiency and unit service life, with the capability of implementing fully-fledged hot water system repairs in Perth.

Replacement Hot Water Systems

If we find that your hot water system is beyond repair, we provide a wide selection of replacement gas and electric hot water systems, including instantaneous/continuous flow and gas storage models by leading brands such as Rheem, Dux, Bosch, Vulcan and Everhot. Prices include full installation and basic electrical work, and we offer competitive interest free payment plans as well.

We can often implement same-day system replacement, but if our suppliers are closed we’ve got you covered with an emergency hot water system before returning to install your new system once suppliers have opened their doors.

Tempering Valve Installation and Electrician Work

Hot water tempering valves are an important part of any hot water service. Why? They automatically mix hot water with cold water for a maximum water temperature with safety in mind at all your hot water outlets. In fact, they are now compulsory in Western Australia when upgrading to a larger hot water system or switching from an electric system to gas or vice-versa.

Our plumbers are licensed to install all types and sizes of hot water tempering valves, along with relief valves and cold water isolation valves. If any electrical work is required, we’ll bring in our team of trusted and approved electricians that we’ve been working closely with over the years to ensure all electrical work is carried out to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Contact Plumbdog Now for Fast, Professional Emergency Hot Water Repairs

Whether you’re a home or a business, hot water is something we just can’t live without. Plumbdog provides fast response and professional, comprehensive hot water repairs and hot water unit replacement across Perth. Don’t settle for a cold shower – rather give us a whistle. We’ll always be transparent about our rate and arrive within our allocated 2-hour time slot.

Want to speak to someone right now? Give us a ring on 1300 884 146 and one of our consultants will be happy to help with anything from some simple hot water system advice to an elaborate repair that can only be done at the hands – or rather paws – of a professional.


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