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Ah, the most common of them all, and perhaps one of the most prominent reasons for our existence – amongst a wide and ever-evolving world of plumbing outcomes. Unblocking drains! Plumbdog fix blocked drains and we do it pretty well. In fact, we do it so well that you might even feel the release of pressure yourself, knowing that all that should be flowing is flowing once again, and the natural movement of life has regained its momentum.

Yes, we’re trying to make it sound poetic – but the truth is that to us, it is, and we give the same care and attention to detail whether we’re installing a complex new plumbing system to one of Perth’s high risers or doing a simple drain unblocking at your nana’s house in the suburbs.

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Need us to unblock your drain? See where we can help below:

Blocked shower drains can flood and result in a mini sewage bath – not something that anyone on this earth wants to experience. Talk about standing right in the middle of it. And with most DIY methods causing more damage than good, the best thing to do is seek help from a professional. Our equipment enables a full-proof solution and can clear a blocked drain effectively and at a reasonable price.

Drain repairs need to be implemented immediately to any plumbing system with damaged or broken pipes. Our technicians use specialised CCTV cameras that lead us directly to the problem area, allowing us to tackle the issue at its source. Once we’ve found the problem, we’ll discuss the best possible solution with you to establish a solution going forward.

blocked toilet can lead to situations that we’re pretty sure don’t need much explaining. This sort of problem also has the possibility of occurring at the worst time possible, leaving you in need of an emergency plumbing solution right away. Don’t fret, Plumbdog is available at any time of day or night to restore your toilet to its original functionality and saving your home or business from one of the most unwanted and embarrassing situations possible.

Water jetters come into play when your property is experiencing anything from a slow-moving to fully-blocked drain. Plumbdog houses industry-relevant equipment with the ability to direct high-pressure water right through your plumbing system, in turn clearing any and every type of obstruction found in drainage pipes. This is the most advanced method available.

If you own a dog, you’re probably more than familiar with the damage done by unnecessary digging in the garden. That’s why Plumbdog offers trenchless pipe repair that utilises state-of-the-art pipe relining tech to restore old pipes and plumbing systems to their original specifications and reliability. Not only will this save you from costly repairs, but it will also preserve your driveway, garden and general household landscape.

Blocked Drains – Drain Cleaning & CCTV is our specialty

CCTV drain camera identifies the existing condition of your underground and invisible plumbing system with incredible accuracy, ensuring that no work is done on piping that doesn’t require it. All of our vehicle come loaded with high-tech equipment that put us one step ahead of the problem, and our CCTV drain cameras are testament to our aim of staying relevant in our industry.

As nasty as it sounds, waste pipe cleaning is something that was going to happen sooner or later. Whether for your laundry, kitchen or bathroom, Plumbdog is an expert in the clearing of waste pipes thanks to 8 years of experience and the knowledge to diagnose problems straight off the bat. This is a perfect time for us to implement a high pressure water jet that acts as an unstoppable force in the plumbing industry.

Drain Cleaning – Blocked drains come in all shapes and sizes, whether in the bathroom, kitchen or outside in the garden. The fact that plumbing systems are connected and act as a whole makes it easy for a problem in one region to affect an entirely different spot in the pipeline. Click here to learn more about our full-proof treatment and emergency services.

Blocked sinks stink – simple as that. And yes, we mean that both physically and metaphorically. Although there are temporary fixes that could last a couple of days, the problem never goes away until it is addressed at its core. You can rely on Plumbdog to implement knowledge and skillet to the best of our ability, resulting in an unblocked sink every single time.

Want to give us a pat? We’d gladly accept it, but first let us get the job done to show you what a good boy we can be. Give us a call now on 1300 884 146 to speak directly to a friendly consultant, or keep it old-school with an email to If you’re all about new technology and finding comfort in the convenience of a callback, leave us a detailed message here.


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