Decision Makers and Client Representatives…

A decision maker is our clients representative on-site. It is always our preference and the ideal situation for the homeowner to meet us on-site. Sometimes however we need to meet on-site with a representative of our client, in this case they become responsible for making decisions to assist our tradesperson.

If a representative has been chosen to meet our tradesman on-site then they accept that any decisions that need to be made will be made by this person. It is essential that decisions on suggestions we make throughout the job are made on-site promptly, otherwise delays and extra charges could occur.

It is always best if the homeowner is able to meet us onsite and remains onsite for the duration of the job. We are then able to demonstrate how something operates. For example if a hot water system pilot goes out they know how to re-light it without requiring our tradesmen to return to site (which would incur an additional cost).

The clients nominated decision maker will be responsible for payment on completion. If they don’t have a method of payment then work will not proceed and extra costs could be incurred including a cancellation fee as per our terms & conditions.

If our client or the decision maker leaves site during our works we require them to sign our job sheet on our iPad and leave credit card details in order for us to process payment should they not return back in time.