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We are well placed to fix all plumbing issues unique to Kensington. At Plumbdog Plumbing Perth we promise to arrive on-time every time…

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  • Fully stocked service vehicles – most jobs completed on the spot
  • Plumbing emergencies, repairs, maintenance  and after hours service
  • Same day hot water repairs and replacement – temporary hot water systems carried on service vehicles so you never have to take a cold shower again.
  • We promise to answer your call day and night, all year round

Our expert plumbers serve all homes and businesses in Kensington WA and adjacent suburbs including South Perth, Bentley and Cloverdale.

A Kensington success story…

Plumbdog has many customers in Kensington, which is situated just east of South Perth on the south side of the Swan River.

The area contains many units, which often use shared hot water systems. Our Kensington plumber was recently called out to a block of units where the tenants were no longer receiving enough hot water to meet their needs. The existing electric storage hot water system simply wasn’t big enough for the family that had recently moved into the block.

Our Kensington hot water plumber provided a quote for a higher capacity system, which was immediately accepted by strata management. We came the next day to install the new unit – a gas storage system – which also required laying down some additional pipework. All up, the job was completed in less than 4 hours, and all the tenants were able to take hot showers that evening.

Management commented that they were extremely happy that Plumbdog had been able to quickly and accurately assess the needs of the tenants, and were impressed with our plumber’s professional handling all aspects of the project, including pipework, removal of the old unit, and utility work. Said tenant Jenny, “I came back that evening to find the job completely finished without any mess – thank you!”