Looking for a plumber in Maylands, WA?

We are experts in plumbing repairs in Maylands WA. At Plumbdog Plumbing Perth we promise to arrive on-time everytime…

Plumbdog offers quality plumbing that Maylands locals know and trust…

  • Fully stocked service vehicles – most jobs completed on the spot
  • Plumbing and gas fitting emergencies, maintenance, repairs and after hours service
  • Same day hot water repairs and replacement – temporary hot water systems carried on service vehicles – never take a cold shower again.
  • We promise to answer your call day and night, 7 days a week

Our expert local plumbers serve all locations in Maylands WA and surrounding suburbs, including Mount Lawley, Bedford and Inglewood.

A Maylands success story…

We have many customers in the Maylands area, which has a diverse mix of older properties and new high-density housing developments. Our Maylands plumbers are often called out to fix renovation-related plumbing work that wasn’t completed to Plumbdog’s own high standards.

Our Maylands plumber was recently called to a Maylands home with a recently installed gas hot water heater which was venting steam and leaking heated water. As the occupants were a couple with two young children, this presented a serious safety hazard. After advising them over the phone on to shut off the water at the meter, our Maylands hot water plumber arrived within an hour of their call, and identified the source of the problem – a broken, incorrectly fitted isolation valve.

He replaced it on the spot with a new valve from his service vehicle, and tested the system for leaks and hot water temperature. Said Jenny, “We were glad we rang the right people for the job – thank you for your professionalism and friendly service!”