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Blocked Kitchen Sink? Give Plumbdog Plumbing Perth a Whistle!

A blocked kitchen sink is a major hassle and usually occurs at the most inconvenient times so you need to call a team of plumbers that will respond quickly, and that team is Plumbdog Plumbing the blocked drain specialists.

When it comes to response times, equipment and expertise, our dog pack really does cock a leg at the competition and that is exactly why you should call us to fix your blocked sink. Upon arrival at your home, one of our technicians will carefully assess the blocked sink in order to determine the best course of action. Rest assured, our technicians will arrive at your property in a fully stocked service vehicle with the best equipment and materials to ensure we can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

When we have worked out how to get the problem licked, we’ll tell you what needs to be done and show you why we are the leaders of the pack when it comes to Perth Plumbers.

Our Equipment

Plumbdog Plumbing have invested tens of thousands of dollars in equipping ourselves with the best possible equipment for clearing blocked sinks and carrying our drain repairs. This equipment includes but it not limited to super high-pressure water jet systems and CCTV Nano cameras which can reach the areas that conventional investigative CCTV drain cameras cannot reach.

We also carry a whole host of other equipment that allows our technicians to rectify absolutely any blocked sink problem and carry out associated complex blocked sink drain repairs if necessary.

Our Ways of Working

There’s no two ways about it, unblocking a sink is usually a fairly messy job. Congealed fat, dirty water and unpleasant odours are just three of the things we encounter on a day to day basis when we attend homes and businesses across the wider Perth area unblocking sinks. But the good news is that our Plumbdog’s have a nose for pinpointing the underlying cause and know exactly what to do to put it right.

For most jobs, we first put our high-pressure water jetter to work via a drain access point, to try and clear or at least pierce the blockage to drain the water. We can then send our CCTV drain camera in to fully assess the problem and using the footage will present a series of options to you, including temporary fixes or long-term repair solutions.

You could be forgiven for thinking that with such an unpleasant job, the kitchen and outdoor drain repairs would create a mess, not with Plumbdog on the case. Plumbing mongrels might come to your property and leave the place looking like a bomb’s hit it but that’s not the way our best of breed technicians operate. We clean up as we go and always backfill any holes we have dug up and also return any paving to its original state

Our Commitment to You 

As Perth’s leading plumbers, our Plumbdog’s are committed to giving customers the highest levels of workmanship and a level of customer care that is the industry benchmark. All our plumbers are fully qualified, police checked and just as importantly have a real pride in their work. We  promote long term solutions rather than quick fixes.

If you need any reassurance as to why we’re the best people to call when you have a blocked sink or other drain problems, check out the Feedbark in our online reviews. You can get in touch with us at any time. Just give us a whistle!

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