Blocked Kitchen Sink – Going Beyond the Plunger

  • Understanding where a drain is really blocked will help to know where to clear it from
  • Plunging a blocked pipe is only a temporary fix
  • Contacting a licensed plumber to fix a blockage will save time and money in the long run
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  • Top Dog Richard was recently called out to a property on a Friday due to a blocked kitchen sink. The sink simply wouldn’t drain and was causing headaches for the family, especially going into a busy weekend.

In this VLOG, Rich shows us what was causing the blockage and how he unclogged it using his specialised equipment.


A quick check of the various drains in the house verified that the blockage was contained to the kitchen sink, as this was the only one backing up. A further investigation found that the overflow gully located on the other side of the home was also backflowing, leading Rich to believe that the gully pipe was blocked, rather than the shorter kitchen waste pipe.
The gully pipe was situated under the slab of the house, running the entire width of the home and the blockage could be anywhere along that pipe.


The first step the Plumbdog team will take is to use a plunger down the gully pipe to see if the blockage can be dispersed. This can lower the water level, making it easier to use other equipment. Plumbdog will never stop at using just a plunger, as further investigation is always required for blockages and this would be considered a quick fix, not a permanent one.


The next step involves feeding a drain jetter 2-3 metres down the gully pipe to clear out any immediate build-up. Rich then switched to his rigid nano cam/CCTV, but the camera lens was quickly covered in grease, confirming that the blockage was due to fats and oils being washed down the kitchen sink.
To prevent any mess inside the home, a towel was placed in the kitchen sink to avoid any splashback that may occur during the next step.
A rear-facing jetter was then fed through the gully pipe, assisted by the CCTV camera to monitor the progress. Metre by metre, the grease was cleared all the way up to the kitchen sink waste pipe.
While retracting the CCTV, it was clear that the gully pipe was now free of any grease build-up and the kitchen sink was draining with ease again.


Grease build-up is a very common problem that can occur over time. While there may be some short-term solutions available, it is important to contact a plumber who isn’t afraid to get their paws dirty to properly clear the build-up in the pipe. Plumbdog has the state of the art equipment to get the best results, so if you’re in the Greater Perth area and are in need of a reliable Perth Plumber, give us a whistle!

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