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Blocked Drains




Introducing our Plumbdog Pup Chris!

CCTV Drain Inspections to inspect blocked drains

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We always say we have all the gear and every idea, because we do, but to become a top dog or even be considered as a Plumbdog Plumber, our Plumbdogs need to be well groomed and schooled to meet the highest of expectations. This is what makes us pedigree among the mongrels out there. Being a plumber isn’t just for anyone but for those who are wanting to get their paws dirty and get on the right path, for the right pup we do take on apprentices. After all, what’s being a top dog when you can’t pass your knowledge along. This benefits our industry as a whole and most importantly our loyal customers.

At the job today, we’ve been called to inspect and fix a blocked drain problem and by using our high pressure water jetters and CCTV we pinpointed the area where tree roots were causing problems and we also further detected that drains on the side of the property were holding water, the inspection shaft was also holding water along with a riser in the garden shed that was also broken.

Using CCTV to Inspect Drains

CCTV inspections take the guess work out of locating blocked drains. As you can see in the video, our Plumbdogs navigate cameras through drains as far as 40m along the pipes at this property twisting and turning while finding the debris causing the blocked drain issue.

Long Term Solutions

At the property today, apart from tree roots, there was an issue at the inspection shaft holding water. A blocked drain issue like this affects the whole house and not just an isolated area. Simply clearing tree roots from one area isn’t enough and with multiple areas having plumbing issues, simply fixing one may not provide an efficient solution in the long term. Having the right nose and being able to inspect and sniff out these plumbing problems means we are able to present long term solutions while allowing our customers to understand and appreciate our recommendations.

Career Opportunities at Plumbdog

We publish a lot of VLOGs about the work that we do but this is the first time that we have posted a video with a Plumbdog Pup in the team. If you have been following our videos, you would already have seen that we have some great superstars and we’re so proud of their work that we just have to share what they do. If you’ve already got plumbers paws or you’re a pup that wants to get your nose wet with the best of breed find out more about Perth plumbing jobs here.

Give Us A Whistle!

When it comes to blocked drain inspections and repairs, we have the nose and skills to sniff out and fix any plumbing issues. That’s why we say we have all the gear and every idea so if you’re in the Greater Perth, give us a whistle!

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Plumbdog James gets his paws dirty under a granny flat

Macerator Pump would not stop running

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Superstar Plumbdog James is back on the job today at a property in Darlington, WA where he’s been called out to sniff out a problem with a blocked drain.

This is the first time we’re sharing a video that has a blocked drain where the cause is a Macerator Pump being at the centre of a blocked toilet plumbing issue.

What is a Macerator Pump?

As the name suggests, the unit is both a macerator and a pump. It macerates solids going in to make it easier to pump out of the property. Pumps like these are not as common but these installations are useful in instances where the toilet isn’t located close to the main sewer line or even in instances where the toilet level is below the height of the sewer line… of our best used plumbing phrases being that sh*t doesn’t flow up hill haha.

At the property today, the macerator pump was constantly working and would not turn off. There are a few common reasons for a blocked macerator pump which usually include natural wear and tear as there are rubber membranes, a blocked drain pipe or a blockage in the macerator itself.

Our Plumbdogs are Well Trained

James is pedigree when it comes to fixing blocked drains and fixing blocked toilets. Being a Plumbdog means he has all the old and new tricks and is why he is one of our blocked drain specialists. Without wasting time, he gets his paws dirty and fixes the blocked drain issue but leaves the property without a mess and makes sure that all is in good working condition again.

When it comes to blocked drains, drain inspection and repairs, we have the nose and skills to sniff out and fix any plumbing issues. If you’re in the Greater Perth, give us a whistle!

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When a toilet freshener leaves a bad smell

Don’t Stick Things Inside Your Toilet Pans

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Plumbdog Rhyse is on the job today who was called out to investigate a blocked drain causing a blocked toilet.

This one is a short video but there’s so many key messages we want to share which we mention time and time again and can’t stress the importance for the benefit of our customers.

Inspection Point 

You would hear us barking about this all the time, but we can’t stress how important knowing where your inspection points are. You can see in the video that Rhyse had to really get his paws dirty (but what a neat job he’s done) getting under tiles and digging to gain access to the plumbing inspection point.

If you do not know the locations of your plumbing access points, the plumber would need to spend time sniffing them out as you would have seen in some of our previous videos.

The Cause of The Blocked Drain

A toilet freshener caused the blocked drain at the property today. This style of toilet freshener is commonly available from hardware stores to dollar shops and quite commonly found in homes across Perth and even throughout Australia.

There’s plenty of common causes of blocked drains in the bathroom from hair to build-up of soap scum and we see all sorts of objects being found being flushed down the toilet. Who would have guessed that something made for a toilet could be the cause of this plumbing issue.

Tips to help you Save Time & Money

Long Term Solutions

At properties like this, we will often recommend that you extend the inspection point to ground level especially if it falls within your budget. This extra expense now will help you save on time related expenses in the future with any plumbing issues in the same area as the plumber will not have to spend time unnecessarily digging and replacing dirt and tiles.

Furthermore, if planning home improvements, renovations, extensions, do not overlook your inspection points and plumbing. A short term saving could become a more costly expense in the future.

Don’t Stick Things Inside Your Toilet Pan

You heard our Plumbdog say it in the video. If you are going to use these items, be aware that they can and do break or fall off and can be the cause of a plumbing issue costing much more to fix than what the actual item is worth.

When it comes to blocked toilets, we have the nose and skills to sniff out and fix any plumbing issues. If you’re in the Greater Perth, give us a whistle!


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Beware Of The Dog!

When a Blocked Drain turns into a necessary Drain Repair job.

Darius performs big plumbing tasks in small spaces.

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Today’s adventure takes us to Swan View where there’s a clear warning “Beware Of The Dog!”. A client contacted us about a blocked drain from the laundry. After trying to clear the disconnector gully (drain gully) with no success, Top Dog Darius suspects concrete or some other mischief and needs to do what Plumbdog’s do best. Digging!

What is a gully?

There are different types of gullies but in context of the property today, the gully is a water drain pipe outside of the home which designed to discharge surface water from the garden, guttering and wastewater from washing machines, dishwashers, sinks and showers. In the event of a blockage, the gully helps to prevent sewerage from flooding your house by directing the overflow away from your property.

The Problem Revealed

Check out the video at [1:10]. Darius extracts the earthenware pipe revealing “the old concrete in a gully trick.”

Wondering how did the concrete get in there? Well, sometimes during renovations or home repairs, cement is spilled around drains by accident into the drainage system eventually hardening and forming obstructions. The difference between a concrete blockage compared to a blocked drain caused by more common issues like tree roots is that often with general blockages, our custom made high powered water jetters are up to the task and have even taken on some concrete obstructions before but as you can see from the video today, there are circumstances where a repair and a rebuild is necessary.

Working In Tight Spaces

You would have seen Darius at work before and we’re always proud to show off the good work he does. Check out not only how neat his workmanship is, but how he creates minimal disturbances around the blocked drain area and puts everything back together so neatly. Possibly even better than how it was before. The quality of workmanship isn’t just demonstrated by our top dogs. To be a Plumbdog, we expect pedigree and for all our Plumbdog’s to be held to these high standards.

All in a day’s work while being supervised by a thirsty lizard. We managed to clear the drain and replace the old gully and put everything back as if we weren’t even there. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with our latest videos!


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