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Rinnai Portable Gas Heater
  • Like servicing hot water heaters, it is equally important to service your gas heater
  • See what you can do to maintain your portable heater
  • Always use a qualified and licensed gas fitter to do gas work.
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Heaters and hot water systems are things that we regularly use in our homes and often take for granted. Some of us are great an regular maintenance but there are others who often only think about maintenance or repairs when something isn’t right.


It is recommended that your gas heaters are serviced regularly, usually every 2 years. Failure to do so could result in a shorter life of you heating unit or even problems occurring which could have easily been avoided with a regular service or basic level of maintenance.


There is a very basic but important job you can regularly do to keep on top of your portable gas heater and that is to keep the filters clean. Like in the rest of your home, dust quickly builds up even if you’re not using the heating unit often, you may find your unit is quite dusty.


Clean Outside – Cleaning these up can be a messy job so take the filters outside to clean and avoid creating a huge mess in your home.

Electric Blower / Vacuum Cleaner – Most of us will at least have a vacuum cleaner at home. These are great for cleaning out filters.

Dry Paintbrush – For more than just painting, a dry paintbrush works wonders at cleaning out filters or all sorts of dusty cracks and corners.

Rinse With Cold Water – For most modern heaters, it is safe to rinse the filter in cold water to get them nice and clean. If in doubt, refer to the manual for your heating system.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is ok to clean the filters yourself but leave the gas to a licensed gas fitter. It is not safe to remove and install your own gas fittings and a licensed gas fitter is required for this. There are circumstances where you can disconnect the heater yourself e.g. if it’s a bayonet (quick connect) then you do not need to be a licensed gas fitter but if you are not sure it may best to ask or commission a licensed professional for both compliance as well as for the safety of your home. – “Do not be tempted to do gas work yourself, or to use an unlicensed gas fitter.”


When the service is complete, as gasfitter, we reinstall and it is important to test to ensure safety for our customers. We perform some checks including checking that the bayonet is gas tight and the overall safe operation of the unit.

Next time you’re thinking about your heater, don’t forget to set aside some time to give the filters a clean if you haven’t done this for a while.


If you you need any gas plumbing attended to, our obedient Plumbdogs are licensed gas fitters so give us a whistle and we will come!

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  • It’s fun for our Plumbdogs to get our paws dirty and dig things up but we need to be safe and know what other services lead into the property.
  • Watch as Richard shares some knowledge that any good plumber should know when taking on a job like this.
  • Learn how you can check your pipes for a gas leak using this simple method with simple materials you should have at home.
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Another day for our top dog Richard as he headed off to Wilson, WA for a water leak detection job.  There was already an initial visit to the property, and he was able to identify where the burst water pipe and fixed it with a temporary repair.  Two to three weeks later he comes back to complete the work, and that is to lay new supply pipes.  This would mean he would have to dig around and that is why he brought an excavator for the job.  Part of what he needed to do was to locate all the other supply services such as the water, electricity, and gas supply. On one side of the property, Richard would have to manually dig through this small corner area where the gas meter is. Armed with his good old shovel he uncovered the Atco gas main line. However, while digging he was able to notice something that was not supposed to be in the picture, he smells gas. From a burst water pipe, we have now a suspected gas leak too!

Licensed Plumber and gasfitter. . . All rolled into one

Plumber’s hat OFF and now gasfitter’s hat ON! Since Richard was able to expose the gas pipes he will now investigate where the leak is coming from.  He was able to uncover an old rusty galvanized pipe connected to a pretty new yellow PVC pipe.  It is quite simple on how to find a pipe leak; all we need is some soapy water. Mix regular dishwashing detergent with water and place them in a spray container. After making the mixture, spray it on the pipe then wait and observe.  He saw that bubbles started to form on the rusty part of the galv pipe and he could even hear a faint hissing sound, thus confirming the leak.  Bubbles forming in an area is an indication of leak and this needs to be reported.

Gas leak = Alarm bells

Before he continues any further with his digging, he will need to report the gas leak to ATCO gas by calling their helpline so they can dispatch a technician onsite. Due to the nature of the problem, it will be deemed as an emergency and will need to be dealt ASAP, within the next hour or so. Important reminder: any gas leak should be reported right away to a gasfitter or the supplier.

The work done by the previous technician was not a great job job. Instead of extending the new pipe up until the rusty galvanized pipe they just had it cut up to a certain portion.  The leak would have been avoided if they replaced the entire line.

We have all the gear and every idea and that’s why we believe we are the best maintenance plumbing experts in Perth. Licensed plumbers and Gasfitters, give us a whistle!

  • It is important to test for gas leaks before installing a new Hot Water System. 
  • Plumbdog has All The Gear and Every Idea. Check out more of our VLOGs here!


In today’s video our obedient Plumbdog Rich is on a mission to install a new hot water system on one of the properties in West Australia. Installing a hot water system isn’t as simple as pulling out the old system, putting in the new and leaving it as that. In the video, Rich has tested for a gas leak and the test has failed.

In his first attempt, Richard checks for a gas leak before installing the new Hot water system. It is a safe thing to do as it saves the plumber unnecessary work if he detects a gas leak after the installation is complete and helps to know if the gas leak is a result of the new works completed or whether there was an existing problem. It is up to the gas fitter to ensure that there are no gas leaks when they replace an appliance. Our Plumbdogs are licensed gas plumbers/gas fitters.

The Gas Leak Test

To get started, he opens the gas meter and joins the testing kit to it, and turns on the gas. The gas at this property has been capped off and once he gets removes the disk stopping the gas at the meter, he notices a full drop in the gas pressure. Alas, the investigation failed!

The next step is to determine the reason behind the failure.

Soon he figures out that the old water system is damaged due to corrosion and has fallen from the wall which is the most likely cause of the gas leak.

After installing the new hot water system, another leak test is conducted. He attaches the testing equipment to the gas meter and turns on the gas. As the gauge reads 2.4kpa, he slowly turns the gas off and analysis the result.

In this test, the gas pressure does not drop rapidly like it did previously before installing the new hot water system. Observing for for 5 minutes, if the pressure doesn’t drop we can be comfortable that there isn’t a gas leak.

If you’re getting a new hot water system installed at your property, make sure the plumber does an initial test. In the event that there is a leak after the new system is installed, you will know whether there was already a leak or whether a new problem has occurred after the new unit is installed.

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