Need electrical appliances connected? Give Plumbdog Plumbing a Whistle!

As licensed electricians in Perth, we can disconnect and reconnect your electrical fixed wired appliances and reconnect them, all at very affordable rates.

To organise getting your appliance connected or disconnected, the way we work is we send one of our electrical contractors who can look after all of your electrical needs. We will coordinate an onsite visit by one of our Perth Electricians who will assess your needs and provide you with cost options according to your requirements and your budget. Once you are happy with his suggestions, you sign off on his estimate and he will commence works. Alternatively he will charge you $125 inc GST for his time and will leave a written estimate with you to consider in your own time.

Our friendly, experienced electricians have performed hundreds of connections and disconnections across the city so you can look forward to a fast, efficient service. Don’t take a chance on an inexperienced electrician who might make a dog’s dinner of it: call and speak to the specialists today!

When You Might Need an Electrician in Perth to Disconnect and Reconnect Your Appliances

There are a number of different reasons why you may need one of our professional electricians to disconnect and reconnect your domestic appliances, including the following:

  • Internal Inspections – If you need to inspect the inside of an electric oven, electric storage heater or any other fixed wired appliance, it is important to make sure it is disconnected first. And after you have finished your inspection you will, of course, need to have it reconnected.
  • Upgrades – If you’re planning to replace any of your domestic appliances, we can disconnect the old unit and connect the new one for you.
  • Moves – If you’re moving home and taking your fixed wired appliances with you, let Plumbdog take care of everything for you.
  • Replacing Faulty Appliances – When your electric hot water system packs up or your cooktop decides to call it a day, we can disconnect and take your old appliance away, as well as connect your new appliance and make sure it is in perfect working order.

Whatever the reason, just give us a call and we will send one of our faithful Plumbdog electricians in Perth to come to your aid.

We Disconnect and Reconnect All Types of Fixed Wired Domestic Appliances

As a full-service electrician in Perth, we can disconnect and reconnect any and all types of domestic appliances. We are capable of dealing with both simple and complex installations: a Plumbdog electrician never turns tail and runs away when faced with a difficult task! The most common types of fixed wired appliances we deal with are electric storage heaters, instant hot water systems, cooktops and ovens but whatever appliance you need us to disconnect or reconnect, just call and let us know.  

Call Your Friendly, Local Electrician in Perth Now

If you would like to arrange for one of our qualified Perth electricians to visit your property and disconnect or reconnect a fixed wired appliance, call and speak to us now. And if you’re not sure whether our service covers your needs, we will be happy to tell you all the details and we won’t hound you if you decide it’s not the right service for you!

We always keep up to date with the latest CCTV drain camera technology to minimise disruption to our clients, diagnose the problem properly every time – and make our job easier!

We currently have the following CCTV camera equipment in our inventory. Please click on the links for product specifications.

SeeSnake® MAX rM200 Camera System

SeeSnake® nanoReel Industrial Video Inspection System

RIDGID SeeSnake® CS6 Digital Recording Monitor

NaviTrack Scout® Locator

We can utilise our CCTV drain camera technology to give your premises a full health check as part of a building inspection. This can be useful as a seal of approval if you are selling a house – or can give you peace of mind on your new property.

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