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Need an external power point installed? Give Plumbdog Plumbing a Whistle!

Our expert electricians in Perth can install weatherproof power points outside your home quickly and safely, at a price we know you will appreciate. Plumbdog is one of the most competitive service providers in the city. And every Plumbdog electrician loves spending time in the yard so it’s a win-win situation: you get the weatherproof power points you need and we get to stretch our legs. To discuss your outdoor power needs with one of our friendly electricians, feel free to call us at any time.

To get a weatherproof external power point installed, the way we work is we send one of our electrical contractors who can look after all of your electrical needs. No two homes are the same so we will coordinate an onsite visit by one of our Perth Electricians who will assess your needs and provide you with cost options according to your requirements and your budget. Once you are happy with his suggestions you sign off on his estimate and he will commence works. Alternatively he will charge you $125 inc GST for his time and will leave the written estimate with you to consider in your own time.

Make the Most of Your Backyard with Weatherproof Power Points

Backyards are a great place to entertain and hang out in the summer months but without safe power points, you can’t enjoy them to the full. Whether you just want to install some patio lighting and a small outdoor kitchen or you fancy having a speaker system and illuminated water features too, you’ll need access to high-quality 100% weatherproof power points that provide a stable supply of electricity. Our experienced electricians in Perth can install these for you in accordance with all relevant industry guidelines and government safety regulations.

In addition to installing external power points for entertainment purposes, we also install them for gas continuous flow hot water systems so if you’re preparing to have a new system fitted, we can make sure your property is ready for it.

Why Hire a Plumbdog Electrician in Perth to Install Your Outdoor Power Points?

With a wide choice of electricians in the city, why choose Plumbdog to install your weatherproof power points?

  • We are a Fully Insured and Licensed Electrical Contractor in Perth – To comply with government regulations on domestic electrical installations, you need to have your power points installed by a licensed electrical contractor.
  • We Have an Excellent Reputation – Check out our testimonials and reviews and you will see that we have a great reputation in Perth and the surrounding area, thanks to our fantastic customer service.
  • We Love Installing Weatherproof Power Points – Seriously, whenever we send one of our electricians out to perform an outdoor power point installation, they are like a dog with two tails! We genuinely love our work and this shows in the quality of workmanship and the customer service we provide.

We are the top dog when it comes to outdoor power point installations by Perth electricians and we guarantee to do a first-class job for you at a competitive price.

Book the Best Electrician in Perth to Install Your Weatherproof Power Points

The best way to find out just how good we are is to book us to come and install your weatherproof power points in Perth. Call during business hours, use the contact form to request a call back or just whistle: either way we’ll come running. And if you need an external power point installing in a hurry, give us a whistle!


We always keep up to date with the latest CCTV drain camera technology to minimise disruption to our clients, diagnose the problem properly every time – and make our job easier!

We currently have the following CCTV camera equipment in our inventory. Please click on the links for product specifications.

SeeSnake® MAX rM200 Camera System

SeeSnake® nanoReel Industrial Video Inspection System

RIDGID SeeSnake® CS6 Digital Recording Monitor

NaviTrack Scout® Locator

We can utilise our CCTV drain camera technology to give your premises a full health check as part of a building inspection. This can be useful as a seal of approval if you are selling a house – or can give you peace of mind on your new property.

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