Fast and Efficient Hot Water Repairs in Perth

A decent hot water system should provide years of seamless service providing it is maintained and serviced regularly by experienced plumbers who know their stuff. There are several mongrels in the plumbing trade that will tell you that you need a new system when a simple repair will suffice but they want the easy way out. Here at Plumbdog Plumbing we will always do what is best and most cost efficient for our customers. Our Perth hot water repairs plumbers will carefully investigate why your electric or gas hot water is not working and carry out a hot water system repair if possible.  

We take the time to get to the root cause of your hot water system problem and let you know the best way to proceed, whether that’s a repair or a replacement. Good hot water systems are expensive to replace so we’ll always recommend hot water repairs as a solution if your hot water system is not working as it should.

Hot Water Repairs


Regular hot water system services are the best way to guarantee years of trouble-free unit operation. A service ensures everything is running as it should and reduces the risk of unnecessary excess energy costs. If it turns out your existing system requires an upgrade, we can help with that too. Contact your local Plumbdog if it has been over two years since your last hot water system service - don’t risk a cold shower!

Hot Water Repairs


With Plumbdog, no home or business has to go without hot water! Contact your local Plumbdog for emergency hot water services - in many cases, we can find a fix on the same day. We keep our service vans fully stocked with equipment and parts to diagnose and fix any hot water plumbing problem as soon as possible. We even keep emergency hot water systems on hand for a short-term fix while we work out your long-term solution!

Hot Water Repairs


Hot water tempering valves are compulsory in WA for all new homes and renovations, and when increasing a hot water systems capacity or changing fuel type from electric to gas or vice-versa. Whether your hot water unit is residential or commercial, Plumbdog’s fully qualified and experienced hot water plumbers are licensed to install and replace all makes and models of tempering valve in Western Australia. Whistle and we will come!

Hot Water Repairs


Did you know that the sacrificial anode is probably the most important component in your hot water system, protecting it from chemical damage and keeping it working at maximum efficiency for many years? That’s why replacing it regularly should be an essential part of hot water system maintenance. Plumbdog’s fully qualified and experienced emergency hot water plumbers will answer your call across the Perth Metro and are able to replace sacrificial anodes in most hot water systems with minimum disruption. Whistle and we will come!

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