Plumbdog Plumber East Cannington: Your Trusted Plumbing Solution

Do you need a local plumber in East Cannington, WA? Look no further. Our Plumbdogs are fully qualified and offer professional services ready to go.

If your home or property suffers from foul odours, wet walls, unheated water, slow drainage, low water pressure, blocked toilets, or other issues, give us a ring or book an appointment.

Our plumbers specialize in water leak detection, hot water systems, and blocked drains. Our vans have fully stocked specialized equipment, allowing our plumbers to fix most jobs in one visit.

We have a local plumber ready to go immediately.

Please book an appointment today or contact us. 

Our Specialised Plumbers East Cannignton Services

Unleashing quality Shelley Plumbers, WA

Our Shelley plumbers are highly skilled and experienced and must be pedigree to be called a Plumbdog Plumber.

Our Plumbdogs are experts in fixing water leaks and plumbing and gas issues. Our licensed plumbers carry all necessary supplies in their vans to fix plumbing problems in just one visit. 

We can help with bathroom installations, wet walls, leaking toilets, burst pipes, and other general repair services. We also offer specialized services to tackle hard-to-find water leaks, blocked drains, and faulty hot water systems.

Shelley Water Leak Detection

Do you have a high water bill or keep finding puddles of water around your property? You may have a water leak. Water leaks can harm your property by causing structural damage.

Use our water leak detection Shelley plumber to avoid paying high water bills and keep your home or business safe today.

Our Shelley leak detection specialist is ready to find your water leak. Give us a call.

leak detection Mandurah

Hot Water Systems Shelley

Are you sick of cold showers, or don’t you have enough hot water? Our Plumbdogs are fully trained to handle hot water repairs.

Suppose your hot water isn’t producing any water, not producing enough hot water, leaking, making strange noises or producing rusty water. In that case, you may need one of our hot water plumbers in Shelley.

Whether you have a gas hot water system, electric or solar hot water system, we have all the gas fittings ready.

Your hot water system may need repair or, in extreme cases, replacement. Our Plumbdogs only recommend a replacement if necessary.

Give us a ring for more information; our Plumbdogs will quickly help.

Blocked Drains Shelley

Are you suffering from slow drainage, unpleasant odours, and low water pressure? Is the water level in your sink too high, or is the top drain slow after use?

You may have a blocked drain but do not fear. Within our Plumbdog pack, we have blocked drain plumbers in the Shelley area, ready to go with our state-of-the-art equipment.

We have the latest blocked drain technology to clear up those drains and prevent wastewater from flooding your property.

Blocked drains Mandurah

Residential & Commercial Plumber Shelley

We service residential and commercial properties. Whether you need our specialized plumbing services or have any general plumbing needs, our local plumber has you covered. If you’re unsure what kind of plumber you need, please give our friendly plumbdogs a ring.

How we work

Book one of our plumbing services online with your preferred time and date. Our local plumber will reconfirm your booking shortly after you complete the booking form. 

When our plumbers arrive, they will check the problem and tell you how much it will cost to fix it. Our vans come fully stocked to fix your plumbing job in one trip, saving you money on hiring costly contractors. 

After your job is complete, we will offer recommendations on how to avoid the issue from happening again.

If you suspect you have a gas leak or significant plumbing issues, please call our emergency plumbers immediately. We have seven-day emergency plumbing services ready to go.

Give Us A Whistle

Contact us if you have a question or fill out your booking form. We’ll also send an SMS confirmation before sending our plumber, so there’s no need to look out the window like a lost puppy.

Offering reliable services, we always complete the job with our high-quality plumbers. Give us a whistle today for plumbing and gas Shelly Plumbdog.

What our customers say

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Shelley is right in the heart of our territory and so we have fully qualified plumbers in this area on a daily basis. We specialise in general plumbing maintenance and emergencies and turn up to every job in service vehicles bursting at the seams with stock.

Water leak detection & repairs is one of our specialties. We are one of few plumbing companies who specialise in leak detection & repairs.

Drain Cleaning & CCTV is one of our specialties. We have invested tens of thousands of dollars into our service vehicles and plumbers so that we come out to our clients properties fully equipped to tackle the trickiest of blocked drains issues. Our high pressure water jetters combined with our CCTV cameras take out the guess work and allow us to clear blocked drains issues and provide long term solutions as no one wants ongoing issues.


We specialise in hot water systems and we can diagnose, repair, or replace most systems. Often our clients call on us to first inspect their system and this allows us provide recommendations and associated pricing to repair or replace their system. If a replacement is the recommended approach then by having one of our technicians onsite allows them to recommend the system which will suit your needs moving forwards rather simply replacing what was there before which is often a long term mistake. Once one of our repair or replacement options is accepted we can provide you with same day hot water as no one enjoys a cold shower.

We do not charge a callout fee. The way we work is that we send a fully qualified and experienced plumber to your property. Our Shelley plumber will meet you onsite and run through any issues you have, he will then give you his/her recommendations and associated pricing, and once you are happy to proceed with one of those recommendations he will get to work. Only if you choose not to proceed with one of his/her recommendations would we simply ask you for $125 inc GST to cover his/her time on site and we will leave you a written quote to consider in your own time.

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