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Expert dishwasher installations in Perth. At Plumbdog we promise to arrive on time every time…

Getting your new dishwasher installed properly can be a real hassle, especially when you’re trying to track down the right trades for the job.

Or you could just call Plumbdog!

Our fully qualified plumbers have both the knowledge and the experience to take care of the entire process, from installing new taps, drains and pipes to working with other trades, giving you a seamless warranty-approved dishwasher install from start to finish.

We are available right across the Perth Metro, and can install most brands and models of dishwashers for both domestic and commercial premises. Whistle and we will come!

Prompt service and quality installation

Don’t worry about making sure you have the right parts and fitting, as we take care of everything, from moving the unit to its installed location to supplying the right parts and fixtures from our service vehicles.

Our plumbers have years of experience installing dishwashers in every design and layout of kitchen imaginable. We can install all major brands including Bosch, Miele, Samsung, and more.

Not only that, we always keep excess stock in our vans, which means we always arrive for the job fully prepared, and with just about everything we are likely to require.

For easy, on-the-spot payment, we carry Cash, Credit Card & Eftpos facilities in all our service vehicles.

The Plumbdog guarantee

We know that you depend on your dishwasher giving you reliable and trouble-free operation for years to come. That’s why we never cut corners during installation, work closely with other trades to ensure we meet all plumbing and electrical installation guidelines, and guarantee our work fully.

Any installation-related issues will be addressed promptly and with the Plumbdog commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Contact Plumbdog for easy, expert dishwasher installation

Whether you’re renovating, need your old dishwasher replaced, or want to move your existing dishwasher to another location, Plumbdog’s fully qualified plumbers specialise in making it as easy as possible. Just give us a whistle!

Tips after installation

After your new dishwasher has been installed, there are a few basic things you can do to ensure safe operation and a long, reliable service life:

  • Keep detergent away from kids: Dishwasher detergent can be corrosive against the skin and should always be used with safety first in mind. Keep it locked in a cupboard and out of reach of the kids. Always keep your dishwasher closed and locked when it is not being used.
  • Use the right detergent: Unless you want to wade into a sea of bubbles on the kitchen floor, always make sure you use dishwasher detergent, not the regular stuff! It usually comes in a cardboard box in powdered form.
  • Point sharp implements down: Knives, forks and other sharp utensils can present a significant hazard to young children. Always ensure they are placed in the dishwasher utensil basket with the sharp end pointed downwards.

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