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At Plumbdog we service and install all brands of hose tap. Our fully qualified plumbers are guaranteed to arrive on time across the whole Perth metro and can provide expert advice in all areas of hose tap installation and maintenance, both domestic and commercial. Whistle and we will come!

 Prompt and professional hose tap installation and servicing

Plumbdog has the experience and expertise to service and install hose taps in a diverse range of environments, including home gardens, patios, balconies, and commercial/industrial settings such as workshops, hospitals, and laboratories.

Our plumbers are all fully qualified, available for emergency work, and drive fully stocked service vehicles, ensuring most jobs are completed in one visit without the need to visit suppliers. We also guarantee to always promptly within the agreed time frame, every time.

We carry Cash, Credit Card & Eftpos facilities in all our vehicles for easy, on-the-spot payment.

What is a vacuum breaker and why is it needed?

Hose connection vacuum breakers (HCVB) are backflow prevention devices that attach to the hose tap outlet to protect your main water supply from back-siphonage of non-drinkable water. Backflow risk increases when the tap is used to fill a swimming pool or pond, for garden irrigation, or anywhere else where back-pressure from contaminated water can occur. Vacuum breakers are also used for rinse tanks, laboratory sinks and other industrial environments.

The term “vacuum breaker” refers to the device’s ability to prevent vacuum conditions that can suck water back into the tap.

WA law requires that all new hose taps (also known as hose cocks and bibcocks) be fitted with such a device.

As a backflow prevention device, they can only be installed by a licensed plumber. Plumbdog’s fully qualified plumbers can connect and service all types of backflow valve device and are happy to advise on their correct usage and maintenance.

Contact Plumbdog for expert, on-time hose tap installation and servicing

If you need a new hose tap installed or your existing hose tap serviced, our fully qualified plumbers service the whole Perth metro day and night. As well as top-quality on-time service and replacement parts, you’ll also get the best advice on your hose tap system to ensure years of reliable and cost-effective operation.

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