Installing a reticulation/irrigation system?  Before you can put in pipework, you’ll need to call a licensed plumber to install the cut-in connection to your main water line.

$145 to $560 Inc. GST

This is what the majority of our customers pay

$380 Inc. GST

This is the average price our customers pay in that range

The prices stated above are an estimate based on what our customers have paid for this type of work previously. The layout of your plumbing, and your circumstance may differ and so prior to commencement Plumbdog will always provide you with an up-front, no-obligation cost estimate following an on-site inspection. Our minimum charge for an on-site inspection is $145 Inc. GST.

COVID-19 – Due to the Government’s guidelines around social distancing and essential work Plumbdog will provide you with a cost estimate prior to a site visit to ensure social distancing is maintained.

Reticulation repairs and cut-in by Perth’s most reliable plumbers

Installing a reticulation/irrigation system?  Before you can put in pipework, you’ll need to call a licensed plumber to install the cut-in connection to your main water line. Our fully qualified plumbers can perform all aspects of reticulation repairs and cut-in plumbing, promptly and in full compliance with Western Australian laws.

 And just as with our regular plumbing services, we guarantee to arrive on time across the whole Perth metro with just about everything we need to get the job done correctly, first time, every time. Whistle and we will come!

What’s required in a retic cut-in?

For most reticulation cut-in jobs, our plumber will expose underground copper water pipe, and cut the line and insert a copper tee connection.

The pipe will then be brazed back together and the tee piece connected to a fitting that can receive both a ball valve and dual check valve, which can be connected to a master valve. Dual check valves are now compulsory in WA, functioning as a backflow prevention device to protect against contamination of your water supply.

Retic cut-ins by fully licensed plumbers in Perth

Getting an unqualified or inexperienced plumber in to do your reticulation work can be very risky as an improperly connected cut-in tap can result in you suffering water loss and a serious backflow problem. Our plumbers are qualified to service and install all types of backflow devices in accordance with WA Plumbers Licensing Board guidelines.

We also guarantee to arrive within the agreed time frame, and drive fully stocked service vans, so all your retic cut-in work is performed promptly and in most cases in one visit. 

Master valve installation

After installing the ball valve and dual check valves, we can connect a master valve if required. This step is highly recommended, as it prevents water loss if any of the station solenoids leak. Every time you run reticulation, both the master and station valve will open, so that if the station valve develops a leak, you won’t lose water as long as the master valve keeps working.

For older reticulation systems that lack a master valve, we can usually fit a new master valve to the existing cut-in tap and wire it to the system control box. 

Contact Plumbdog for prompt professional retic repairs and cut-in

If you are having a reticulation system installed, or require reticulation repairs or an upgrade, Plumbdog offer guaranteed time of arrival across Perth and the no-fuss expertise that has made us Perth’s favourite plumbing professionals. Just give us a whistle!

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Shirley van Schagen
Shirley van Schagen
02:47 27 May 20
This is the second time we've used Richard and again, the service was excellent. He is quick, efficient, made great recommendations and tidied up. We now have a great in-tap water filter system that doesn't take up much space and a sleek modern looking tap. Thanks again for a great job Richard.
Nadege Placet
Nadege Placet
08:09 16 Apr 20
We are really happy with their service. They are qualified, fast into finding / fixing the issue(s). They've always explained what they were doing, why this happened, how they fixed it. They are always happy to have a look, help and have great personalites. I am satisfied and definitely recommend them, so we have had Plumdog fix all our plumbing related issues for a few years now!
Duane Joubert
Duane Joubert
11:49 09 Mar 20
We called on Rich to locate a leaking pipe underneath a concrete house slab. Using his thermal and audio detection equipment, he was able to locate the leak in the middle of the house to within 50mm and then expose the corroded pipe and repair with a minimum of damage to the floor. We were impressed with Rich's methodical approach in locating the leak which definitely saved time and unnecessary repairs.
Jennifer Grose
Jennifer Grose
01:56 27 Feb 20
We have an older house with older pipes, but Plumbdog knew how to fix the problem and suggested future planning for renovations! Experienced tradies are the best. Thanks Guys! Job Well done.
Amy Glen
Amy Glen
10:52 25 Feb 20
Top notch service and advice from Richard, who clearly takes great pride in his work. He serviced my toilet and replaced my hot water system. For each job, he made it clear what needed to be done and what my options were, and then set about getting things done without fuss. I can't recommend Plumbdog highly enough!
Grant McGowan
Grant McGowan
04:11 24 Feb 20
Darius was polite, professional, knowledgeable and exceeding skilled in the complicated task he had to do for us. He worked efficiently and left the area neat and tidy. He was helpful in all regards and the price was very reasonable for the work done.,

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