Every dog has its day. But we all know that every dog has a day that is in fact not theirs, where a series of bad things can happen for no apparent reason. For us, this is the day that a hot water system crashes entirely and begs for a complete hot water system replacement.

At Plumbdog, we’ve made sure that every single service vehicle is equipped with temporary hot water systems that will keep you warm in the case of an emergency. This is only necessary when Murphy’s Law wipes out your system in the middle of the night, with suppliers already having closed their doors for the night. Stop scratching, because we’re available at any time of day or night with a solution so effective you’ll be napping like a puppy in no time.

Our hot water replacement is priced right, without trying to take anything more than we need to get the job done. We’re the dog with a cookie on its nose, waiting patiently for the go-head command. Want to see the magic for yourself? Enquire about our hot water replacement cost today here. Don’t say we didn’t tell you so.

When implementing a hot water service replacement, you want the assurance that the same problem that caused the damage is not going to happen again. That’s why Plumbdog houses an extremely experienced and well-trained team of technicians that apply the same care and attention to detail to every single job that they work on. We compromise on nothing, even if it’s a super-fast five minute job that doesn’t require heaps of attention.

Whether you’re replacing an old and outdated system or upgrading to one of our state-of-the-art, innovative and energy-efficient systems, you can’t go wrong with a hot water unit replacement from Plumbdog. Our years in the game has placed us directly in the middle of an ever-expanding industry network, giving us the ability source and stock only the best on the global and Australian market.

Furthermore, we run the extra mile to provide all of our customers with relevant hot water system advice that is based on a number of things that includes the size of the property, the layout and infrastructure design, the number of inhabitants living in the house, and lastly the type of system currently installed. Once all of this is take into account, the Plumbdog team will educate you on the most suitable system for your home or business so that you can make a well-informed buying decision that will continue to add value to your property for year and years to come.

We get our paws dirty so that you don’t have to. Read our full mission statement here to familiarise yourself with our company culture which is now 8 years in the making. And if you have any more reason to question whether or not to make use of our services, read more about the top dog that started our establishment by clicking here.

For an obligation-free quote that will breakdown the total hot water system replacement cost, leave us a message with your detailed requirement. And if you’d prefer to speak directly to one of our technicians over the phone, we’re a call away on 1300 884 146. Lastly, we’re open 5 days a week from 8:00AM to 4:30PM – just make sure to schedule an appointment as we work strictly by bookings.

For all your replacement hot water system needs, with a selection of only the finest product brands like Rinnai, Bosch, Dux, Rheem and Vulcan to name but a few, choose the pup that’s always going to have your back – Plumbdog.