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Backflow Prevention Device Testing – Annual Test

  • Backflow Prevention Devices Protect the water source which supplies water to commercial and residential properties
  • These backflow prevention devices need to be installed on commercial and industrial properties and they need to be tested annually
  • A Licensed Plumber that has Backflow Certification needs to perform the test
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Annual Backflow Prevention Device Inspection Due

Our client is located in Rockingham, WA, far from the usual videos that we have on residential properties, we also look after commercial and industrial. Richard was called in to perform the annual test for this client’s backflow prevention devices. These apparatuses are required to be installed in such properties to make sure that there is a safe water supply for the end users.  Top dog Richard, apart from being a licensed plumber he also has Backflow Certification, so he is allowed to have these tests done for such establishments.

What is a Backflow prevention Device?

For those who are not familiar with this device, they are usually installed at the boundary of commercial properties as legally required.  What they do is they keep and protect the water supply that we use daily for bathing and drinking. For example, if in any case there’s an accidental chemical spill in the water source or pipe, the device’s job is stop them from being siphoned back into the main water supply keeping it safe from contamination.  Water Corp. requires an annual test for these devices to make sure they are in good working condition.  Same thing with Richard’s testing equipment that needs to be checked every year to make sure that it is always accurate in providing results.  All these certifications are crucial as they will be submitted when all tests are done.

It’s time to start Testing

The initial backflow prevention test that is done for the backflow prevention device is checking the pressure of the water, upstream and downstream. In the video Richard already attached the differential pressure gauge in the different points of the double check valve. He started with the upstream check and the gauge needle needs to be above 7 kPa(kilopascal) for it to pass. He will do the same type of checking with the RBZ valve (Reduced Pressure Zone). After all necessary tests are done for the devices, he will write up a report and submit it to Water Corp along with the required certificates.

It is particularly important and a requirement to have a licensed professional perform this test.  The purpose of the device being tested plays an important role in keeping the water supply of the community fresh, safe and clean all the time. Our crew are licensed and experienced experts who will always make sure we deliver fast and efficient service. We pride ourselves with high quality standard workmanship that complies with all the legal standards. We have all the gear and every idea. Give us a Whistle and We Will come!

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