Blocked Drains – Water Corporation Mains Blockage

  • Imagine horrible sewerage water spilling all over your property. It’s a nightmare come true!
  • Only a licensed plumber is allowed to contact the Water Corporation to get an emergency crew out to clear the mains. 
  • Water Corp will clear and disinfect the property. 
  • Plumbdog are proud to be specialists in blocked drains. Maintenance plumbing finding and fixing problems is our specialty.  
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Blocked Drain in Kensington, Perth WA

In today’s video, our obedient Plumbdog Perth plumber is on a property in Kensington in Western Australia. The task for today is a blocked drains present in the rear left-hand corner of the property. The first issue in hand is that Richard has to figure out the exact position of the inspection shaft. which is the access point into the mains.

Finding the Inspection Shaft

After a little inspection using the shovel, Richard can determine the correct position of the inspection shaft. But the next issue at hand is that it’s a bit beyond the reach, and it’s almost a foot down deep into the sewage water. If he tries to get hold of it, then the water would go over the top of his glove; hence he has to think of a better way to handle the situation.

To get a better result, Richard instead decides to use a bucket to get all the water out by directly putting the bucket inside the hole as far as possible. He repeats the process around 20-30 times to get the water level down to get the hold of the access point and figure out if it’s a mains blockage or not, but unfortunately, it’s all in vain. No matter how hard he tries, the water keeps refilling at a swift pace, making it impossible for him to accomplish his task.

Reporting to the Water Corporation

After failing multiple times to get the water levels down, the best option is to report to the water corporation. Being quite certain that the issue is in the mains, Richard reports to the water corp to send out an emergency crew to clear the blockage and also a crew to disinfect the property.

Important Note: Only a licensed plumber is able to report to the water corp. A customer simply can’t contact the water corp directly and needs to have a licensed plumber visit the property first.

Providing Long Term Solutions

After the water corp finished clearing the mains and disinfecting the property, our experienced Plumbdog can make recommendations to keep the plumbing in good order going forward. The fact that the property houses a lot of matured trees, tree roots are a most likely cause of the blocked drains. With our specialised equipment, we can complete a full inspection and make recommendations along with a recommendation to bring up the inspection shaft to the ground level which is an ideal position.

For now, the best Richard can do is wait for both the water cooperation and disinfectants to do their job, and then Richard can re visit to see what’s the best he can do to combat the issue at hand.

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