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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Update 26/3/2020

At Plumbdog Plumbing we like to facilitate as much training as possible and yesterday i had the privilege of spending the day out on the road with Darius from Plumbdog Midland. There’s no better way to share our skills with each other than being out on the road and attending actual jobs together. In the world of plumbing maintenance and emergencies our work is so varied and so its great to be able to see first hand how we each go about solving plumbing maintenance concerns for our clients individually. It really helps us to deliver the same high standard of customer service for our clients which we believe is the backbone of our business.

I particularly enjoy spending time with Darius because his enthusiasm towards plumbing and customer service is contagious, I believe Darius is the best of the best in plumbing maintenance, and no one loves plumbing more than Darius!

Recently I recorded a video and posted a blog in relation to this Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic,  as this situation has put us all in a very unknown territory, where none of us really no how it will affect us all individually . It almost feels like the calm before the storm out there on the streets of Perth, Western Australia.

I was really proud to see how Darius was handling himself and how he was asking his clients if they had any special requests in order to satisfy their personal safety concerns during the time that we were on site performing plumbing services.

It was great to see so many clients protecting themselves and also protecting us during our encounter with them. One client asked if it was okay for only one of the two of us to enter her property to minimise risk as she was concerned about the health and well being of her husband, and so she asked Darius if he wouldn’t mind washing his hands before getting started with servicing her leaking toilet. Our client had prepared some homemade soap and a laid out a clean hand towel for Darius to use, and asked if he wouldn’t mind placing the towel immediately into her washing machine once he was finished washing his hands. Another client spoke to us through her fly screen at her front door, and at the point Darius required her signature in order to formally accept our quotation he gave her the option to use her own pen if she preferred. She accepted Darius offer to use her own pen, and also wore surgical gloves in an attempt to best protect herself and not come into physical contact with our quotation sheet. None of these requests were unreasonable for Darius and he was more than happy to oblige.

Following this valuable feedback we have decided to add extra bullet points to our booking form process and are we are now giving our clients the opportunity to voice any special requests they may have whilst we are on site in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. So now our clients have the opportunity to request anything within reason in order to help them feel safe during our attendance to their properties. We will do our upmost to accommodate and meet these expectations, and will certainly discuss all points to ensure the health and safety of everyone concerned.

Plumbdog Plumbing will continue to evaluate and improve its services in relation to safety to our clients and our people , so our clients can be assured that we will not allow any plumbers to attend clients properties should they themselves have any symptoms.

Please contact us should you have any questions or if you require our services.

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