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Identifying a Leak Without Sophisticated Leak Detection Tools

  • High Water Bills are a good sign of a Water Leak
  • We show you how you could sniff out a leak too!
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Our clients had high water bills and were also advised by the water corporation that they may have a water leak. Not all homes are the same and on this job, Top Dog Richard found the water leak without the need for any of our advanced leak detection equipment and he shows us why. You can even try it next time you suspect that you have a water leak.

In this VLOG Richard takes us through some steps that you can follow to start identifying and confirming whether you have a leak and where to start looking.

Ascertain if there is a water leak

Turn of all of the water in the house. Check the meter if it’s still running. If the water meter is still spinning, this indicates that there is a leak.

Plumbdog FYI: 1 revolution is 1 litre of water so if yours is spinning quickly, imagine how much water goes down the drain.

Identify Where Water Supply Feeds Property

This is a good starting place and the most logical as you can get an idea where the pipes lead to around your home.

Plumbdog Tip: If you familiarise yourself with your own home, being aware of things like where your inspection shafts and access points are can save valuable time which in turn costs money. In some properties, these have been hidden over time whether paved over or just covered with dirt and it can be a timely exercise for the plumber to locate these necessary locations.  

Check Reticulation

This isn’t always the problem area but a good place to check. At today’s property, this was the problem area and you can see with the water build up in the video. After isolating by turning the isolation valve to stop the water, the water drains away which we can then easily identify the problem area to get on with fixing.

Plumbdog Tip: Isolating The Cold Water Line.

If you’ve been following our videos, you’ll already know that you can also determine if the leak is on the cold water line or hot water line by simply turning off the water supply to the hot water system. How does this work? If you have identified that there is a leak and the needle is still spinning with the hot water line off then there’s a it’s on the cold water line.

All The Gear & Every Idea

All of our vans are fully fitted with all the gear we need for water leak detection and even tools to sort out blocked drains and all sorts of plumbing issues. Not only do we have the gear, we have every idea!

If you’re in the greater Perth area and have any plumbing issues, give us a whistle! Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel too! We’ve been getting some great feedback on our videos and we enjoy sharing with our customers and viewers some useful tips and some of our plumbing adventures.

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