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Detecting & Fixing and Expensive Water Leak

  • Our professional Plumbdog Plumber on the job shares with us a day in the life of a leak detection and repair job.
  • Water leaks cost households bucket-loads of money every year
  • Darius makes this job look so easy where others couldn’t find the leak
  • In some cases it is easy to know that you have a water leak. There may be a leaking sound or you may find water where there shouldn’t be. For some of our unfortunate customers, they usually suspect a water leak after the event when the water bill comes and looks somewhat excessive. With our years of plumbing experience, we’ve seen it all.


Darius is one of our main plumbers and has a great reputation in the area. He’s also a little bit modest. At the beginning of the video he mentions that it wasn’t too hard to find the leak but did you catch that he also said that others were called out before him who couldn’t find the leak? He’s definitely one of our goto guys and you’ll see so many great reviews saying what a great job he’s done so who best to take us on a ride along on a job.

Specialised Leak Detection Equipment

Not only is Darius extremely skilled and great at his job, the use of electronic water leak detection equipment together with his years of experience means that he was able to detect the problem area quickly saving time and money.

Fixing the Leak Properly

Not only do we find the leak, we also fix it all in one visit. Would you believe there are others that might provide a leak detection service but do not offer and do not have the ability to fix the leak? We’ve also seen advertisements claiming to be specialists where they either simply do not have the equipment or subcontract out the work. Imagine having to call out two separate specialists to finish the job. It’ll just waste time and money. In the video, Darius describes what he does so that the problem is fixed now just for the short term but so that this shouldn’t cause a problem again in the long run.

Benefits of Leak Detection Specialists

There are some instances where the leak is obvious and you don’t even need to be a plumber to know where the problem is. Like any profession, there are specialists in the field for different jobs in the industry. A general plumber may be great for general plumbing. When it comes to leak detection, if they are able to detect the leak, are they able to fix it properly to last? Or will it be a simple bandaid or patch job where the problem will continue over and over again?

Using a specialist could save you money in the long run. Firstly, you won’t need to call out multiple plumbers which multiple callouts could mean money down the drain (excuse the pun). Especially when they can’t find the problem. Then when the problem is found, you also want to make sure the problem is fixed properly to last. It would be such a waste if you had to call someone in to fix the problem again in the near future.

If you’re in the Perth area and suspect a water leak, you can do a simple check at the mains which you would know to from watching our videos. If you have identified a water leak or just aren’t sure, give us a whistle!  

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