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Do You Have a Water Leak? 5 Things You Can Check Before Calling a Plumber

We know how distressed some of our customers are when they call with a water leak. Calling a professional plumber is often the first thing that many homeowners think to do when experiencing problems with the plumbing network within their home. Whilst that is often the best course of action, there are occasions where you may be able to fix the problem yourself. We put together this little guide so that you can do a quick water leak detection check around which might save you some frustration and water wastage. There may even be an easy fix to a small water leak.

  • Blocked Pipes and Drains

Blocked pipework is one of the most common causes of water leaks in your property. Months’ worth of hair, oil, grease and grime can quickly build up to create a blockage that prevents your sinks and basins from draining as they should.

Locate the source of the leak to ensure that the pipework nearby isn’t clogged and is causing an increase in pressure within the system. Going forward, be sure to keep your drains clear to prevent any further problems.

  • Excessive Water Pressure

High water pressure is often characterised by a ‘banging’ sound when you operate a tap. What you will notice is that water is trying to flow out from your tap too quickly and will also be trying to find an outlet elsewhere in your plumbing system.

The installation of an anti-hammer valve will rectify this problem, but we also suggest reducing your hot and cold water pressure to prevent any further problems.

  • Worn Seals

Every water-based appliance or fixture is fitted with a seal to prevent the leakage of water. If the seals on your washing machine, refrigerator, sink or toilet are worn, they may be allowing water to pass this important barrier.

The installation of new door seals for your appliances and new seals around your basins and toilet may rectify the problem.

  • Faulty Pressure Relief Valves

Another common cause for water leaks is the presence of a faulty pressure relief valve (PRV). If this is the cause of your problem, locate your valve and lift the lever several times which should clear the blockage.

If at this point the leak stops, you have solved your problem. If it doesn’t or your valve is old and hasn’t been operated in a while, we suggest calling us instead to replace the valve entirely.

  • Broken, Worn or Loose Washers and O-Rings

Every pipework joint is fitted with a washer and O-ring which is designed to create a tight seal and prevent leakages. Occasionally, these ancillaries break or become dislodged which can result in a leak.

Try tightening the joint which should move the washer back into place and stop the leak. If this doesn’t work, we suggest replacing the worn or broken item with a suitable replacement.

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If you are still experiencing a water leak within your home, call us today so that we can schedule a plumber to attend your property. Plumbdog are your leak detection specialists. Whistle And We Will Come! You can reach us at 1300 884 146 or drop us a message.

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