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Drain Blocked with Concrete

  • This job started as a simple Blocked Toilet
  • The blockage was in the main line and it was concrete!
  • Check out our jetter at work with the CCTV drain camera
  • Watch more of our VLOGS here.


In the video, you’ll notice that our obedient Plumbdog Darius said that he already sorted out the toilet to get it working but when you have a nose for this type of job, he double checked the line for the toilet and found more problems. To the average person or even a less experienced plumber, they would have called it a day which would only cause more problems in the future.

The Plumbing Problem

Concrete in the drains! Now we are used to seeing tree roots, hair and all sorts of usual things creating the need for drain cleaning and drain clearing but concrete is an interesting find. Presumably the concrete entered the drain when the bathroom was renovated.

The Video

In the video, Darius shows us the drain through our CCTV drain camera and gives us a walk through with commentary of the discovery process where he determines where the drain is blocked and why it’s blocked. Then we get to see our water jetter at work clearing through the concrete and dirt.

A couple of interesting points to note which we are always proud to say. Apart from the skills and how easy Plumbdog Darius makes the job look through the camera, our water jetters are custom made locally with power. We’re often called in to take on jobs which others say can’t be done. Imagine being told you had to dig up all the pipes to get this problem solved when we were able to get this done with minimal fuss.

On top of that, notice how far down the inspection opening was for the toilet. We’ve raised it to ground level for easy access in the future which also helps to stop sand getting into the drain. We also found an illegal square junction rather than a Y junction in the drain.

Working With Maintenance Plumbing Specialists

How many times have you called out a plumber only to find that they need to be called back out for the same problem a few weeks later? This would have probably been the same case if someone else was called out to the job saving time and money in the long run and the inconvenience of having to arrange another day off to get the plumbing done at home.

This is why we say we have all the gear and every idea! We are able to sniff out and fix the problems rather than needing to call out other specialists, we are the specialists in our field.

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