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High Water Bills? First Signs of a Water Leak

  • Plumbdog can you help me!?!? I think I have a water leak…
  • High water bills are a classic clue to a water leak but some leaks are bigger than others
  • Water leak detection is one of our specialties. We’re happy to get our paws dirty digging!
  • We also have all the gear and every idea. Advanced leak detection equipment helps us efficiently detect the problem area. 
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You will see in this video how one of our licensed plumbers’ top dog Richard was able to examine, probe, and resolve what our client believed to be a water leak issue.

Help! . . . Plumbdog To The Rescue

Richard was sent to inspect and check a commercial property line in Bibra Lake due to the enormous water bill that they have just received.  Instead of the usual $800 it skyrocketed to $8,000!  You can already imagine the shock that they got when they saw that huge amount on the bill, which is 10 times the regular amount that they pay for. Without even doing an inspection, this is one of the classic signs of a water leak and quite a large leak it seems. They were right to give us a call as water leak detection is our specialty where we will find and fix the problem.

Sniffing Out The Problem

First things first, to validate the problem Richard checked the water meter. Upon inspection, he saw that it spun like a disoriented clock so he proceeded to investigate where the leak may be coming from. He does a thorough inspection of the property and used our advanced water leak detection equipment to have an efficient and accurate result.

Eureka! It’s Time to Dig

Richard then finds that nasty leak in no time with our innovative leak detection equipment.  It was under a tree and 2 metres below the ground, the leak came from a hole in a 20-mm copper water service. The pipeline was also next to a copper fire main, so our top dog expert had to be incredibly careful in fixing this one.

Richard, with high precision, cut the pipe with the big hole and a new section was put in place. The surrounding copper near the hole was in poor condition and we want the pipe to be longer-lasting. Instead of replacing the small portion that is affected, he replaced about a metre to make sure it will be more solid.

Because Plumbdogs ROC! (Resolve in One Call)

After spending a day on Richard’s makeshift beach, he tested everything and made sure that the pipes no longer have any leaks. No more worrisome water bill for our client.

He proceeds to create a leak-loss report that only licensed plumbers are authorized to make. He will send it to the Water Corporation on behalf of the client and they will compute how much credit they can get. All in a day’s work!

If in the future you have any problem with your water or pipeline, drains and gas line, just whistle and we will ROC “Resolved in One Call”

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