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How To Detect a Water Leak At Home – Plumbdogs Pro Tips

  • Join our professional plumber on the job and learn how you could identify a water leak at your property.
  • You might have a water leak at your home and not even know it.
  • Leaking pipes waste our valuable water resources
  • Water leaks cost you money!


Whether you are a homeowner, landlord or tenant, a water leak will affect you in many ways with the most obvious being a waste of water which also results in a waste of your hard-earned money.

Signs of a Water Leak

detecting water leak - isolate cold water line by turning off the hot water line
Detecting A Water Leak – Isolate by turning off the hot water line

There are some usual signs of a water bill. In some instances the leak is big enough that you can hear it whether it’s coming from outside of the house or from inside the walls. In some circumstances, the symptoms might be a little bit more subtle. For instance, many people discover a water leak when the paint on the wall (often near the bathroom) starts peeling or mold starts growing.

In the video, we were called out because it became noticeable on the water bill when the owners noticed the bills were simply getting more and more expensive with very normal water usage. That’s when we were called in for our specialities in water leak detection.

Some Pro Tips from the Video

Isolating hot water from cold water can help you determine where the problem lies. If the problem lies in the hot water line, you can simply cut off hot water in the meantime and still have water running in the house.

While specialised leak detection equipment is very handy to have, in this particular scenario, you our experienced plumber was able to detect the leak without having to rely on electronic water leak detection gear.

Important Tips

In the event that you are able to identify the water leak, make sure to be careful when either trying to reach the problem area.

If you are trying to fix the problem, be careful not to cause damage to other unaffected areas. An incorrect bend or pull on the pipes may cause a domino effect to other areas which would otherwise be in perfect condition.

If you do not consider yourself a home handy person and are not comfortable with tools then please call a professional to handle the job. Getting the job done right the first time saves from future potential problems whether from attempting to repair or not repairing correctly.

A professional and licensed plumber is also insured for the job. In the unlikely event of personal or property damage, the professional plumber is insured saving you unnecessary expenses. It’s bad enough if your property was to get damaged, imagine if you injured yourself trying to fix a pipe and had to spend time recovering and rehabilitating.


“It’s time to do what a plumber does best. Start Digging!”

We hope you enjoyed the video. Not only does it give some great pointers on how to detect a water leak, it also gives an insight into a day in the life of one of our plumbdogs!.

Don’t forget if you are not sure, leave it to a trusted professional plumber. It will definitely save you the time and effort as well as any potential damage to your home. It would be even worse if you injured yourself in the process.

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