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How To Find A Hidden Reticulation Solenoid Valve

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Our video today will takes us to a property in Manning, WA.  Many would really like to save by doing their own DIY plumbing repairs or get plumbers that may seem to give you a good deal.  When in fact they can actually cause a bigger headache in the future and cost more.  Richard was sent out to locate and fix a burst water pipe and what he found out was that the installation was not followed properly.

Detecting Broken Pipes

It’s time to look for the pipes. Plumbdog uses advanced gadgets and tools to make sure that we work fast and efficiently on every call. In this one, Richard used one of our little black box to determine which solenoid is the problem. He attached it to the reticulation control panel and then connected to the number two wire. Solenoid number two starts vibrating, this can be heard as a faint buzzing sound at first since it is underground. He will use that sound to guide him and look for the actual pipes.

Doing what Plumbdogs Do Best, Digging!

Next step is to look for the source, so he goes out on the front lawn and it is a good-sized area, and we would not want to ruin it by randomly digging in areas where we think we can hear the buzzing noise.  Richard once again uses another special gadget to accurately locate where the buzzing is coming from.  He used the retic solenoid finder and was able to uncover the cause of the problem which is solenoid number two. On top of that, he was able to find another solenoid, the master solenoid and the master retic valve.  Seeing everything, the problem was that even when they turned off the reticulation controller it was still live, and it meant that the master solenoid valve had failed. It’s time to fix the problem, the retic will be isolated and have the mains turned back on so that the client can have water back in their home again.

All The Gear & Every Idea

As we can see in the video the property was laid out with below standard pipes, fittings and valves and was even poorly installed.  The solenoids and retic valves were 6 inches deep when they should be above ground. Richard will discuss with the property owners their options regarding the other pipes in their backyard. Getting licensed plumbers like us will give you the best advice, options, and peace of mind that your plumbing will last longer and will be installed based on standards.  No hit or miss when looking for the problem pipes. No-fuss, less mess and in the quickest time possible. Whistle and we will come to the rescue!

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