How to fix a leaking tap

Fixing a leaking tap is a job that just about every home handyman has tried, but there’s usually more to it than just replacing the washer. Servicing a standard tap and replacing the washer and O-Ring Whilst we recommend a leaking tap only be fixed by a qualified plumber (as incorrect servicing of a tap can cause irreversible damage to the tap body), it can in most cases be done by carefully following the steps below:

  1. Turn off the main water supply.
  2. Using an adjustable spanner, remove the tap cover, placing a cloth between tap and tool to prevent scratching.
  3. Use an open-ended spanner to unscrew the gland nut, and expose and remove the old washer.
  4. Use a re-seating tool to shave the tap seat back to a flat, shiny surface.
  5. Replace the O-ring on the spindle and apply grease.
  6. Flush away filing debris and insert spindle with the new tap washer.
  7. Reassemble the tap (taking care not to over-tighten the gland nut) and turn main water supply back on.


We always recommend you buy replacement tapware or fixtures from a recognised plumbing supplier, as their items will always be covered by warranty should any fault occur – unlike when you buy from a regular hardware store or chain.

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