[How To Save] Repair Old Pitted And Discolored Chrome Floor Grates


  • Chrome grates look great when new but over time they can be a sight for sore eyes.
  • The parts might not be costly but replacing a few can be a costly exercise
  • We help our customers get these repaired at a fraction of the cost.
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In this VLOG, Top Dog Darius shows us how he went about renewing an old pitted and discoloured chrome floor gate. Sometimes getting your existing chrome floor gates re-chromed is more cost efficient and produces as good a result as buying new ones.

Repairing Vs Replacing Chrome Grates

Whether it’s your bathroom, laundry or any area with chrome grates installed, there are times where a replacement is needed but if it’s the case of normal wear and tear where the chrome has been eaten away then repairing may be a much more cost effective solution.

Darius mentions in this short video that the parts alone are only $30 – $40 but where it gets expensive is when labour is needed to cut the existing settings out of the tiles to replace with the new ones.

Check out the Video

In the video, Darius shows us just how a chrome grate which has had years of use can be brought back to life. The chrome finishes have dulled from being eaten away by water and bacteria from normal everyday use.

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