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How To Unblock A Basin – The Right Way

  • Drain cleaning products are not always efficient at unblocking drains
  • Understanding where the water is really blocked helps to fix the problem
  • Contacting a licensed plumber often saves time and money
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Our customers are always looking for ways to unblock basins. For those that consider themselves home handy people, they often look for best drain unblocking products or how to unblock drain instructions. Quite often this simply ends up with buying a drain unblocking product of some sort from the supermarket or hardware store. What usually happens is the customer goes and buy these home remedy products or some vinegar and baking soda, then give us a whistle when the problem continues.

At today’s job, top dog Richard has been called out to a property to look at a blocked waste pipe in the bathroom. First thing he points out is that our clients have already tried to unblock the drain themselves, suspecting hair blockage, by using drain crystals.

Plumbdog Note: There are different types of crystals and products for different purposes. The customers have used a kitchen unblocking product which is more relevant for grease type blockages rather than blockages in the bathroom. However, we usually don’t recommend these types of products. You really need to get your paws dirty if you want to get to the root of the problem.


First things first, Richard identifies where the blockage is in basin. The usual first place to check is the waste trap area as that is a common place where blockages occur. At todays property, the water in the pipe was clear which indicates that the blockage is not in the pipe but moreso in the basin or trap.

Video: Check out how much gunk builds up in the trap even though the water isn’t completely blocked at this location. It’s normal for this type of build up to occur over time.


The blockage has been identified and it’s a localised blockage. While there was some buildup of grime and soap scum in the waste trap area, the blockage was found around the plug and waste fitting area.

Check out the video at [1:04] where you can see the basin holding water when the trap was already removed.


After a good clean removing the buildup of grime and soap, we always replace washers when we replace a trap as they are perishable and there’s nothing worse than water seeping out just because the washer has worn out.

Remember if you have plumbing problems it’s best to call a licensed plumber to investigate and get the job done properly. Not only do you save time, you can save money from buying products that don’t work or products that aren’t right for the job.


Next time you need a plumber that know to get their paws dirty and are experts when it comes to blocked drains, think of plumbers like Plumbdog. If you’re in the Greater Perth area and are in need of a reliable Perth Plumber, give us a whistle!

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