Making sure your toilet is leak free for the holidays

The holidays are nearly over, with many of us back at work. However, it is never too late to prepare for next year and ensure your toilet can handle the family and friends coming to visit.
  • Check your toilet and identify if it is not working properly. Signs that it could have a problem include random phantom flushes or constant flow of water into the tank.
  • Check the floor and the back of the toilet to ensure any flushed out water is going out completely and not leaking from the pipes.
  • Check if your toilet fills up immediately after flushing. If it doesn’t this could be a sign of a damaged valve or toilet parts inside the tank. Check and replace them if needed.
  • Cleaners, no matter what kind they are, can contain chlorine or other chemicals that can lead to damage to the working parts of your toilet. Check them out for bends, brittleness or cracks. Replace as needed.
  • The old grandmas trick of putting a brick in the tank still works in some tank systems. This will help you save some money on water use during the holidays, but newer systems contain a half and full flush button which is designed to do the same thing as nannas brick


These are just a few tips to prepare and keep your toilet leak free in the holidays and all year round. Contact us for all your plumbing needs!

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