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Pilot Light Outage – Rheem Stellar 330 – When Replacing Isn’t Always the Answer

  • Learn one of the reasons why the pilot light keeps going out on an older Rheem Stellar 330
  • Watch how we find ways to save our customers some real hard earned $$$
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Hot Water Help

Our client in Sorrento whistled because they were unable to re-light their hot water system, which just means no hot water in their house! Top dog Richard is to the rescue but thoroughly investigates the situation first at the property before simply quoting to replace.

Two hot water systems are enough – Three is too much!

He arrived at the house and tried to re-light the pilot.  They have a Rheem Stellar 330 which has a 5-star energy efficient rating, but it is considerably old, 16 years to be exact.  The flames on this one is yellow and that after some time droplets of water formed around the pilot.  As the area gets hotter the tank expands and causes the water to drip faster which will then take out the pilot light again. Before he proposes to just replace the tank, Richard probes a little further, asking questions from the client and a thorough run through the property. He found out that this home had three hot water system (two Rinnai Infinity 26) which is more than what a regular 4 bath house has. Now talk about a little too much.

Finding The Best Solutions

To fix the situation that the client has and what most plumbers would recommend is to better replace the tank.  Easily quote a new Rheem Stellar 330 and install to solve the problem.  But of course, here at Plumbdog, we not only think of resolving the concern, but we want to provide the BEST resolution that is cost-effective and efficient.  Richard advises a temporary set-up where he connected the tank to one of the Rinnai Infinity 26 and see if it will be enough to supply all four wet rooms. If in the next few days, the family is good with this set up then the best option would be is to have one of the Rinnai’s upgraded to a size 32 instead of replacing the tank. Quality over cost!

Quality Advice from the Plumbing Expert

We aren’t just another plumber or gas fitter on the block. We want to make sure to answer all the “Why, when, where and how’s?” before concluding what is the best option to take.  We are the best in the industry and that is why you can trust that our professional staff will always give the best expert advice so you can get your money’s worth.

One of the great things about working a job in Sorrento, Richard gets to complete his paperwork while getting some fresh sea breeze and enjoy the amazing ocean view. One of the small treats that we get for another day’s work here in Plumbdog.

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