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Repairing a Broken and Twisted Inspection Shaft Riser

  • Tree roots are a common problem when it comes to Blocked Drains
  • The tree in this video gives a great example of what trees can do
  • Blocked Drain Repairs and Detection are proudly one of our Specialist Services
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If you’ve been watching our YouTube Videos, you would have seen a video that we shared where a tree had caused some interesting damage breaking and twisting an inspection shaft. Top Dog Rich has shared another video of the job where we have fixed up the problem. Have a look at what was involved and get an insight to what kind of damage a tree can cause.

Original Video:

If you are looking for the best plumbers for repairing broken or twisted inspection shaft riser, give the professionals from Plumdog Plumbing a whistle. We pride ourselves in being the specialists in maintenance plumbing which includes repairing  broken and twisted inspection shafts as part of our blocked drain maintenance services.

From repairing the blocked drains to the hot water problems, our obedient Plumbdogs have the knowledge and experience needed to get the job done. If you suspect that you may have a blocked drain issue you should call the team. We have all the gear and every idea and we can inspect your location with the right tools and CCTV cameras.

In The Video:

  1. The Location
    We will detect the problem area at your location. If you know where your access points are it can help save time which means money but if you are not sure then that is not a problem at all. Our experienced Plumbdogs will sniff it out in no time. For more about drain inspection shafts click here to see the blog:
  2. Inspection Of The Inspection Riser
    The drainage system does not function smoothly if the inspection riser gets damaged or excessive blockage in the pipes. With the help of the CCTV camera, the expert will examine the riser. The blockage can be due to the accumulation of grease, fallen leaves, bottles, and other plastic items. All these items get accumulated for several months, which eventually block the passage of wastewater drainage. The expert first clears the blockage by removing the obstructive particles from the path.
  3. Removing The Twisted Riser
    As the blockage is removed from the channel, the twisted riser is taken out and examined properly. The plumber will bring a new riser along with him to replace the old one. Replacing the old, twisted, and broken shaft riser is very important as it will obstruct the particles further and will not provide a hassle-free movement of the wastewater.
  4. Installation Of The New Riser
    Yes, after removing the old riser, the plumber replaces it with the new one. Install it in the position where the old riser was located. After the new riser is being installed, the inspection cover is checked once more, and then the plumber closes the lid of the inspection cover that is located on the surface of the ground.

Besides blocked drain repairs and CCTV inspection, we also offer general plumbing, gas leak detection and hot water system installation, maintenance and repairs. If you want to hire a trusted plumber in Perth, consult the team from Plumdog Plumbing.

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