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Replacing A Gas Continuous Hot Water System with Gas Storage

  • In some instances, replacing a Gas Continuous System with another Gas Continuous System might not be the way to go.
  • Have you seen a hot water system that has fallen off the wall? Check out the video!
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Why not replace Gas Continuous with another Gas Continuous System?

In this scenario, the existing Continuous Gas Hot Water System installed in the property was undersized. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as replacing with a newer larger system. For this particular job, replacing with a larger continuous gas hot water system means increasing the gas pipe all the way back to the meter. For this property it was quite a distance between the hot water system and the gas meter which would make replacing the whole pipe quite a costly exercise.

The Solution, a Gas Storage Hot Water System

Our skilled Plumbdogs have the skills and ability to think on their paws to find the best solutions for our customers. Rather than replacing the whole pipe which would be costly, we altered the pipes and made changes to install a Gas Storage Hot Water System.

The Video

Our skilled and experienced Plumbdog takes us through the job and does a great job explaining the whys and hows. If you have an existing hot water system that needs to be replaced, this might give you some insights so that you understand what might be required when a plumber starts to talk about why they can or can’t do something with the hot water system.

More importantly, if a plumber simply quotes and tells you that they have to replace the whole pipe for the unit that you have selected, they aren’t necessarily doing the wrong thing. They are only quoting as requested but they might not have shared insights that you may have other options available which could save a lot of time and money.

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