Tell-tale Signs of a Blocked Sink

The kitchen and bathroom sink are often put through continues abuse with food scraps, hair, soaps and other items been washed down the drain. Over time this can lead to blocked sinks and damaged plumbing.Plumbdog have put together a simply list of some tell-tale signs that you have a blocked sink:

  • Does your sink have a bad smelling odour? With everything that goes down the sinks drain, they can cause bad smells and this can be a sign of a blockage
  • Does water take a while to wash down the drain? This one is pretty obvious that you have a clogged sink
  • Can you see water at the top of the drain? See this could indicate that it’s not draining out properly.

There are many more potential causes of blocked sinks, but mentioned above are the obvious ones. If you are in doubt, the best thing is to do is to call and experienced blocked sink plumber such as Plumbdog – Perth’s leading blocked drain specialists.

The gals and guys at Plumbdog are experienced in the latest plumbing techniques and equipment. They will always:

  • Arrive on time when they say they will
  • Identify themselves through identity badges, licenses, uniform and branded trucks
  • Treat you and your property with respect
  • Be prepared by carrying all there necessary gear and tools in their truck
  • Be efficient and thorough
  • Communicate with you so you know what the situation is
  • Tidy up once the job is done


So the next time you sink is misbehaving or you are concerned about using blocked drain cleaners, give Plumbdog a call or book your plumber online.

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