Tub Trauma – Blocked Bath Waste

  • Sometimes a ‘simple’ problem isn’t as simple as it may seem
  • Our obedient Plumbdogs work in tight places causing minimal property disruption
  • We have all the gear and every idea!
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We were called out just for a blocked bathtub plumbing issue, the usual suspect would have been tree roots but after attempting drain cleaning with the high pressure water jetter and CCTV, it became clear that something unusual was going on.

Doing what Plumbdogs Do Best – Digging!

Darius digs his way to the waste pipe and shows us the problem area. If you’ve seen some of our other VLOGs, you would have seen the great work that Darius does. He completes jobs with minimal disruption to properties and if you look closely, the space that he works in is barely big enough to fit a power tool but he gets the job done and gets it done well.

Not Just a Tree Roots

This is a perfect example of things that could go wrong with the plumbing causing a blocked bathtub. It wasn’t blocked tree roots on this occasion, the waste pipe had completely come away from the bath waste.  The client reports that they have been at the property for around 4 years and have had this problem since they first moved in and it’s now clear why.

Perth’s Maintenance Plumbing Experts

Blocked drains are one of our specialist services and you can see why. It’s not uncommon that for detection whether leak detection or detecting blocked drains another specialist is called out for assistance. Our Plumbdogs are pedigree! Aside from the plumbing knowledge that Darius already has, check out the quality of the plumbing work.

All The Gear and Every Idea!

This video is the perfect example when a plumber is more than just a plumber. We’ve had out CCTV, our high powered water jetter, power tools, he’s got his paws dirty digging, concreting and getting some actual plumbing in all while showing us what goes on behind the scenes. This is why we say we have All The Gear and Every Idea!

If you’re in the greater Perth area and have any blocked drain issues or plumbing needs, give us a whistle!

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